As the closest large city to Hippo Leasing, with a population of 395,515, Manchester is one of the most popular areas we lease cars to. Over 800 people search for car leasing Manchester on a monthly basis, and we are proud to be the company that deals with many of these car leasing queries.

We are a popular choice for car leasers in Manchester as, not only are all our leases available online 24/7 to browse and enquire for, but we are also based just down the road too. This means that those looking to lease a car in Manchester can choose to book online, or can come and test drive the car they’re looking to lease at our Blackburn based showroom, just under an hour away.

As we deliver throughout the uk, whether you live in Salford or Altrincham, you have the option for your car to be delivered to your door just 10 days from being approved.

We supply hundreds of cars to customer throughout Manchester each month and the next one can be to you. Our volumes sold each month reflect our affordable prices, high service standards and all that Hippo Leasing deliver when it comes to a customer’s car buying experience.If you are local to the Manchester area and are interested in leasing with Hippo Leasing, give us a call on 01254 956 666 or drop us an email at