Audi A8 Lease Deals

Ok, you have made it. Now, what to buy? Don't want a traditional limo that makes you feel you have just taken over a small country? Want refinement, power, comfort that's all embracing but not stifling and possibly the most advanced car you can buy todaystep this way and meet the all new Audi A8, available for lease from Hippo Leasing today. Choose between the 3.0-litre petrol and diesel engines that Audi offer, where we are talking seriously cultured deep down power that demands respect. Both engines have hybrid characteristics i.e. they coast with the engine off for considerable periods making use of a 48 volt system rather standard 12V electrics. Adaptive air suspension is standard so those in the back can enjoy their optional massage, TV's and beverages in Audi A8 serenity, ensconced in Valcona leather. The twin Audi communication and climate control screens are something to behold and its German creators have even ensured a haptic feedback system that makes the onscreen buttons feel physical. Safety is front of mind as you would expect from a VIP vehicle and available technology includes blind-spot monitoring, 360 degree cameras, anti kerbing warning, adaptive cruise control, active pedestrian protection and (in the future) a remote parking facility, autonomous driving and traffic jam pilot system meaning you can let the car drive under 37 miles/hour! At Hippo Leasing we are used to providing prestige vehicles as a glance at our prestige site will evidence. Allow us to help you obtain the truly impressive Audi A8 by phoning on 01254 956 666 or email us at
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