Lamborghini Lease Deals

So you are the man that has it all, you own loads of successful businesses including a tractor factory. While you admire Ferrari you don't want one, instead you want your own vehicle and in your own namethat's Ferruccio Lamborghini. Car enthusiasts pretty much always remember the first time they saw a Lamborghini, how could you not when there are examples like the Countach, the Diablo or the Miura which ensure the supercar marque is an icon in the car world. These days, there are a trio of road production cars that you can consider: The Urus where the famous Bull brand has broken with tradition to produce a top end SUV, the Huracan in Coupe and Spider version and the Aventador in Coupe or Roadster guise. All of these three vehicles are reviewed in more detail elsewhere on the site but suffice to say that they are all incredibly adventurous, spirited and above all, powerful. The Aventador Roadster, for example, with shark style styling and a new V12 engine with 740 HP! Hippo Leasing can assist you with lease deals for the Lamborghini of our choice, and what's more, we can have the car delivered tou you anywhere in the country. Simply call us on 01254 956 666 or simply email and ask for a Lamborghini specialist from our prestige section. You can also view Lamborghinis that we have in stock on our specialist website,