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View our best lease deals for the Land Rover Range Rover Sport range at affordable rates. Nationwide delivery and no deposit leasing options available on all deals.

When we talk about luxury performance SUVs, no option in the segment does the luxury part better than the Range Rover Sport. Offering a class-leading cabin that boasts top-tier comfort and technology, the Sport takes much of its ultra-refined inspiration from its bigger brother, the Range Rover, while maintaining a proper performance edge.

Speaking of performance, a newly expanded engine line offers mild and plug-in hybrid powertrains as well as range-topping V8s that more than justify the ‘Sport’ tag. It’s a complete package for both business and personal use, which makes our Range Rover Sport business and personal lease deals unmissable if you’re looking for the ultimate luxury SUV.

Ready to get started with your Range Rover Sport lease? Check your eligibility for funding right away with our free soft credit check that won’t impact your credit score or profile*.

How does business and personal Range Rover Sport leasing work?

Want to know more about our Range Rover Sport contract hire process? We like to keep things simple, so regardless of whether you’re looking at a new or used Range Rover Sport lease – or whether it’s a business or personal deal – leasing with Hippo can be broken down into four simple steps:

Pick your ideal Range Rover Sport lease: Take your pick from our new and used Ranger Rover Sport lease offers above. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Get in touch – we’ll be happy to put together a custom package for you.

Check your eligibility and get an answer fast: our free soft credit check can let you know in as little as a few minutes** if you’re approved for funding, and the soft check means it won’t affect your credit score or profile*.

Reserve your deal online: Use your MyHippo account to reserve your chosen Range Rover Sport leasing deal.

Your new car is on its way!: Once you’ve completed your order, we’ll take care of the rest. Get your new Range Rover Sport delivered to you or come and get it from our Blackburn showroom.

Want to know more about how the leasing process works with us? Take a look at our leasing guide.

Why lease a Range Rover Sport?

Ever since the Range Rover Sport was introduced into a burgeoning performance SUV market in 2005, it’s set the standard for luxury and refinement in the segment. Hardly a surprise given it’s a Range Rover, but now it’s third generation, the Sport has undergone several updates to stay relevant in a hugely competitive area of the market.

Since 2022, the Sport has shared the same MLA-Flex platform as its bigger brother and brand flagship, the Range Rover. What that means is you get all the luxury and class of the Range Rover but in a more dynamic, compact and performance-minded package. That new platform also allows for new powertrains – mild hybrid and plug-in hybrid models are already available, with all-electric options on the way.

Away from the world-class cabin experience, comfort and refinery, there’s a gnarly performance SUV underneath. Top-of-the-line V8 options take numbers into silly territory – the new Sport SV offers a 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 that’ll get to 62mph in just 3.6 seconds and tops out at 180mph. And, because it’s a Range Rover, it’s still hugely capable offroad – an area where no rival even begins to come close.

Why choose Hippo for your Range Rover Sport lease?

For over 15 years, we’ve been helping customers like you find their dream lease. We’re a leasing company for everyone, and there are plenty of reasons to choose us when getting your new Range Rover Sport lease:

We proudly lease to those others won’t: We know it can sometimes be tough to find a lease with bad credit or no initial payment. We work with customers that others won’t, and we’d absolutely love to help find you a brilliant deal, regardless of your financial situation.

We’ll find you an affordable deal: We work with all sorts of lenders across the market to get you the best deal possible, even if you don’t have an initial payment.

Fast pre-approval on funding: We can typically let you know in under an hour** if you’ll be approved for funding with us via our free soft credit check, which won’t impact your credit score or profile*.

Get expert help with your lease: from talking you through trims to walking you through the key details of your lease terms, our dedicated account managers will help you every step of the way to your dream lease.

Lease with a bunch of benefits: Tailored lease packages, nationwide delivery and a 14-day money-back guarantee*** mean you can lease from us with absolute confidence. If you’re leasing a used Range Rover Sport, take a look at our used car promise that ensures we only deliver the best approved used options to you.

We’re rated “excellent” on Trustpilot for a reason. Whatever your needs, whatever your situation, we’ll do our best to help you get a great lease deal on a car you’ll love.

Get your dream Range Rover Sport lease with Hippo today

Get your ultimate lease deal on the ultimate luxury performance SUV with one of our Range Rover Sport lease offers. You can get started right now by checking your eligibility for funding with us via our free soft credit check that won’t impact your credit score or profile*.

Got a question? We’d love to hear from you. You can get in touch with us over the phone or online.

* If pre-approval is successful and you wish to proceed, you will be subject to a hard credit check. Pre-approvals are conditional and full approval may be denied subject to further checks.

** We’ll attempt to contact you by phone to confirm your pre-approval status. This call will typically take place less than 60 minutes after we’ve assessed your application. Confirmation will follow by e-mail – this process typically takes up to 24 hours.

*** Our 14-day money-back guarantee means you won’t be charged the remainder of your payments, however, the documentation fee of £70 and a cancellation fee of £600 will still be applicable.

Range Rover Sport: Luxury performance SUV revealed

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Range Rover Sport may not come cheap, but we always look to put together the cheapest possible lease deals that offer plenty of bang for your buck on an affordable monthly rate. You can get an idea of cost by taking a look at our pre-priced options above, but we’re also happy to price up a custom package for you – just give us a ring and talk us through what you’re looking for.
Yes, you can – and it’s a great way to get a cheaper lease deal. Take a look at our used Rang Rover Sport lease deals to see what’s on offer.
The age-old question. To put it simply, the case for leasing is it’s cheaper than buying. With the new Range Rover Sport starting from upwards of £80,000 to buy, leasing gives you the opportunity to drive a car you otherwise couldn’t afford. Lower upfront costs. Lower monthly payments. No resale hassle. You might not own the car, but it’s a great way to drive one for a few years without breaking the bank. Of course, leasing might not always be the best value solution for you. If you want to keep a car for a long time and want ownership and resale value, buying may be the better option. Buying also removes any contractual obligations you may have when leasing. Which is right for you? That depends on your situation and what you want from your next car. We’re happy to talk things through with you if you’d like to know more.
There’s a list of high-end rivals for the Range Rover Sport – and they’re all pretty brilliant. Options like the BMW X5 and Porsche Cayenne are perhaps more drive-focused, while the Mercedes GLE and Audi Q7 are the two other superb equivalents from the big German manufacturers that should never be ignored. When it comes to comfort, refinery and cabin experience (not to mention offroad performance), however, you’ll be hard-pressed to find better than the Range Rover Sport.
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