Drive an Electric Car for Less

We offer flexible monthly payments on electric cars, allowing you to drive a premium car without the premium price tag.

Why make the switch to an electric car?

  • Cheaper fuel costs

    The main benefit of driving an electric car is that you don’t have to pay for fuel; driving 200 miles in a petrol or diesel car will cost up to £32 in fuel, whereas driving an electric car for 200 miles will cost £8 to charge at home. So driving a petrol or diesel car costs up to 4 times more. Lots of places offer free electric charging points, so it could even cost you nothing!*

  • Easier to maintain

    Electric vehicles have less moving parts than traditional cars, so they’re easier to maintain. New technology like regenerative braking saves money on replacement brakes as they last longer.

  • Protect the environment

    Electric cars emit fewer greenhouse gases and air pollutants over their life span than traditional cars, even when production and electric fuel are considered. If you’re concerned about keeping CO2 emissions to a minimum, electric is the way to go.

    *Reference for Cheaper Fuel Costs data:

Browse hundreds of new and used electric cars from £214

Browse hundreds of used electric lease cars online.

New cars delivered in 3 weeks

Looking for a brand new electric car? You’ll be behind the wheel in just 3 weeks!

14-day moneyback guarantee
We don’t think you’ll need it, but we offer it anyway! If you’re not happy with your electric car, you can return it within 2 weeks.

Nationwide delivery or free collection
We can deliver your new lease wherever you are in the country or you can collect it from our Blackburn showroom for free.

Low upfront costs and affordable monthly payments
Drive the latest electric cars without breaking the bank. We are a credit broker not a lender so we offer competitive lease deals tailored to suit your needs.

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  • Got a great deal on leasing an electric car through Hippo. They were very good at explaining the process and keeping me informed throughout.

Frequently asked questions

Simply agree on monthly payments that suit you, along with your terms. When your contract ends, you return the car, without having to worry about selling it or its depreciation. Simple!

  • Huge selection of new and used electric cars in stock
  • Low upfront costs and affordable monthly payments
  • Flexible lease terms to suit your needs
  • Excellent customer service and support

Leasing a car allows you to get behind the wheel of a car you love, without the upfront costs. Car leasing is a cost-effective and popular way to fund your new electric car. Leasing opens up the possibility of driving the latest vehicles without breaking the bank by providing fixed monthly costs and low initial deposits.

Our online application form only uses a soft credit check to determine whether you’re pre-approved for an electric car lease. That means it won’t impact your credit score! The only times we perform a hard credit check are if you choose to proceed and lease a car, or if you want a finance approval from specific lenders. 

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