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Driven by passion

Driving doesn’t have to be boring; which is why Fiat offers a colourful and unique alternative.

From the unusually-named yet practical Panda to the ever-popular Fiat 500, we’ve got a vehicle that’ll keep you entertained on the road.

Whether you desire the latest model or a used Fiat, we have plenty of contemporary, modern cars to choose from.

We have a fantastic collection of Fiats available for personal or business lease, with various purchasing options including no deposit and bad credit.

What are you waiting for? Browse our latest Fiat deals and car models; the most fun, colourful and urban-friendly car manufacturer on the market.

Types of Fiat leasing
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Leasing FAQs

Types of Fiat Leasing

Personal leasing

We lease plenty of Fiats for personal use, with the Fiat 500 being a popular city car. Plus, leasing a Fiat is simple; select the model that fits your specifications and budget, then choose your contract length. Organise your monthly payments and return your car when the contract ends.

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Business leasing

We also lease Fiats for business use. The Fiat 500 is useful for mobile town or city businesses, and the 500X is suitable for those cross-country business adventures. We source business fleet cars and private lease cars for thousands of companies across the UK. So, whether you’re looking for new or used vehicles, an individual vehicle or a fleet – you’ll always be winning with Fiat.

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No deposit leasing

Lease a Fiat with no upfront costs; if you’re determined to drive your dream car and you don’t have a deposit, delay payment for 30 days!

What’s more, you won’t have to load yourself with unwanted paperwork. Choose the car you desire and we’ll do the rest – we’ll even deliver your car direct to your door. If you’ve got an old car you want to part-exchange, we can help with that too. We’ll also collect it when we drop off your new car.

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Bad credit leasing

Less than impressive credit score? Don’t worry, leasing a Fiat doesn’t have to be a dream. We provide Fiats to a range of customers from different credit and financial backgrounds and work with a wide panel of lenders. You can still get a Fiat lease with bad credit.

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In Stock Fiat
Drive Away The Same Day!

If you’re eager to get on the road, you could arrange your Fiat lease and drive away the same day. We have hundreds of new and used vehicles that are all available to browse on our website.

Browse our range of in-stock Fiats and choose the one you love.
Contact us by telephone, or fill in our online enquiry form.
We’ll send the paperwork by email; check it, sign and email it back.
Collect your car from our showroom the same day!

We can also deliver your car anywhere in the UK for a small cost. Get in touch today and get the Fiat you want!

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Fiat leasing FAQs

Fiat is well-known for making quality small cars such as the Panda, 500 and 500L. So yes, they are ideal for first-time drivers. Particularly the stylish Fiat 500, which is easy to park and packed full of personality for such a small package. Small engines also mean tax and insurance rates are cheaper than bigger cars.

Fiat cars aren’t the most expensive on the market, and they aren’t the cheapest either. Fiat has a high-selling model in the Fiat 500, so they can price it slightly higher than the Skoda Citigo or the Dacia Sandero. The Tipo is about average for a car of its size, and the Panda is around the same price as the 500, so it’s no wonder the 500 is the most popular car.

Fiats are fun, quirky and moderately priced cars – you won’t exceed £20,000 buying a brand new car. So why bother leasing? When you lease a Fiat, you can get the car in its best years. As vehicles age repairs become more frequent and replacing parts on a Fiat is going to be more expensive than repairing parts on a cheaper car. Lease the car, get it in its best years and hand it back. It’s simple. Also, if you’re a first-time driver, you could wait a couple of years so you can get a better car.

Fiats are available to people with bad credit scores and are a more sensible option than going for an Audi or BMW if your finances aren’t brilliant. People with low credit scores can get approved, and we’ve even helped customers who have CCJs or payment defaults. Get in touch with us today, and we’ll talk you through your options.