Three cars similar to the Nissan Qashqai

Date Posted 11th May 2022
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How many manufacturers can claim they influenced the entire automotive industry? Better yet, how many manufacturers can claim they introduced an entire new segment into the industry? Nissan did both when they introduced the Nissan Qashqai in 2007, kickstarting a mass trend for vehicles which combine the practicality of the hatchback with the styling of an SUV.

Look at any parking lot in the UK and you’ll see many cars similar to Nissan Qashqai, but which of these rival vehicles can compare? Let’s take a look…

Kia Sportage

You can’t mention Nissan Qashqai without Kia Sportage as the two crossovers have been head-to-head since day one.

Kia’s fifth-generation of their infamous Sportage SUV will be arriving imminently and continues the crossover trend by combining SUV presence with the more traditional hatchback appeal which is highlighted by the inclusion of the contrasting black roof to accentuate the sporting profile.

What might give the new Sportage the edge over its rival going forward? It has been designed and developed to cater specifically for European tastes and roads. In addition, Kia are one of the few manufacturers who offer a seven-year warranty, making their brand a safe bet over a prolonged period of time.

With its subtle SUV styling, the Sportage is a great combination of efficient engines, reliability, car-like handling and practical space. No wonder it’s their best selling model in the UK.

Volkswagen Tiguan

Right time, right place, Volkswagen introduced the Tiguan just as the crossover segment slowly began to dominate the new car market. Now in its second generation, the Tiguan has recently undergone a facelift to ensure it keeps up with its competitors.

The updated Tiguan introduces hybrid to the range for the first time and features newly designed headlamps, radiator grille and broad bumper intakes. Inside, a new multifunction steering wheel is offered as well as a redesigned centre dashboard which incorporates a new touchscreen display.

As far as surety, convenience and adaptability to the weather, the Tiguan provides an abundance of features and is comfy and quiet to drive. When you get in the car on a cold morning or evening, there’s heated seats and steering wheel to keep you warm, heated front washer nozzles and side mirrors to defrost more easily, and Travel Assist supports you in monotonous or tiring driving situations to make traffic jams and stop-and-go situations a doddle.

Ford Kuga

The Ford Kuga has the benefit of being one of the most fun-to-drive cars in the crossover segment. In fact, we’d even argue that the Kuga has perfected the formula for balancing hatchback drivability and SUV styling as the car acts akin to a beefed-up Ford Focus.

On top of its sharp handling is the surety of the all-wheel drive and a commanding view from the driver seat. This ensures the Kuga is one of the best all-rounders on the market. 

With advanced safety features including lane keep assist, hill-start and auto emergency braking, as well as time-saving features such as Quickclear to ensure your windscreen is defrosted in no time at all, it also offers plenty of convenience for motorists.

Beautifully designed, remarkably efficient, effortlessly capable, the Kuga has something for everyone and is available in petrol, diesel, hybrid and plug-in hybrid. 

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