Top 5 longest range electric cars to lease in 2022

Date Posted 16th February 2022
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It’s safe to say electric vehicles truly entered the mainstream in 2021, with SMMT reporting one in nine new cars registered were battery electric vehicles: that’s more than the previous five years combined.

While range anxiety was often the barrier to the uptake of electric cars, with a growing charging infrastructure and more choice on the market even this has become a moot talking point.

Having recently updated our electric car range guide, we’ve picked out the five longest range electric cars available now in 2022. While battery size varies from model to model, these listings are based on real-life range as accumulated by EV Database, a completely independent publication which aims to gather as much real-world data as possible.

5. BMW i4

  • EV Database range: 290 miles
  • 7.4 kWh wallbox charge time: 13 hours at a rate of 22 miles per hour of charge
  • 175 kW D/C rapid charge time: 32 minutes
  • Availability: Out now

The BMW i4 continues the legacy of the discontinued i3 hatchback. A combination of sportiness and long-distance, the i4 is the first all-electric premium car from BMW.

Beneath its four-door gran coupe body style, it boasts fifth-generation BMW eDrive technology and is equipped with electric motors at both the front and rear axle leading to a combined maximum output of 544hp.

Launched at the tail end of 2021, the BMW i4 offers a 0-62 of just 5.7secs and a top speed of 118mph. No wonder Top Gear named it Saloon of the Year.

4. Porsche Taycan Plus

  • EV Database range: 295 miles
  • 7.4 kWh wallbox charge time: 13 hours 30 minutes at a rate of 22 miles per hour of charge
  • 175 kW D/C rapid charge time: 24 minutes
  • Availability: Out now

Porsche’s first foray into the world of all-electric driving has been a massive hit, losing none of the sporty performance the manufacturer is famous for while offering an impressive range of 295 miles with the Taycan Plus.

With 761ps of power meaning a ludicrous 0-62 time of just 2.8sec leading to a top speed of 161mph, it’s very much the sports car of the future.

In spite of that, it features a variety of styling features synonymous with Porsche. This includes the fundamental short-nosed front proportions of traditional Porsches while also including a retractable rear spoiler, retractable door handles, and an advanced regenerative braking system

03. Tesla Model 3 Long Range

  • EV Database range: 300 miles
  • 7.4 kWh wallbox charge time: 12 hours at a rate of 25 miles per hour of charge
  • Tesla Supercharger time: 30 minutes
  • Availability: Out now

It’s safe to say the Tesla Model 3 has taken the UK car market by storm since it arrived in the UK in 2019, being crowned the best selling overall car in December 2021 with 9,612 units sold as well as best selling battery electric vehicle for 2021 with 34,783 units sold.

If you’re choosing an electric car that has ‘Long Range’ in its name you’d expect it to have, well, a long range. While the Model 3 was the best on the market on release, it has slipped down the rankings slightly but still offers an impressive 300 miles on a full charge.

Add that to that the various quirks that come with a Tesla such as seat-specific whoopee cushions as well as 0-62 of 4.4secs and it’s no wonder it has become so prevalent on the road.

02. BMW iX xDrive 50

  • EV Database range: 315 miles
  • 7.4 kWh wallbox charge time: 16 hours 45 minutes at a rate of 19 miles per hour of charge
  • 175 kW D/C rapid charge time: 37 minutes
  • Availability: Out now

Having been revealed at the IAA Mobility 2021 and rushed to market soon after, this Sports Activity Vehicle from BMW has been a real statement of intent from the manufacturer.

With a real-life range of 315 miles, the BMW iX xDrive50 features a 100kWh battery, with one electric motor on the front axle and another at the rear axle to help produce a total output of over 370 kW/500 hp. This enables acceleration of 0-62 mph in under five seconds.

01. Mercedes EQS 450+

  • EV Database range: 395 miles
  • 7.4 kWh wallbox charge time: 17 hours 15 minutes at a rate of 23 miles per hour of charge
  • 175 kW D/C rapid charge time: 37 minutes
  • Availability: Out now

At the top of the pile is Mercedes-Benz EQS range. In its most basic form (EQS AMG 53 4Matic) it blows the competition out of the water with a range of 350 miles, and at the top of the range the EQS 450+ offers an unchallenged 395 miles of range.

Mercedes has positioned the EQS as the first electric vehicle in the luxury class, and at £99,995 OTR you’d expect as much! While the performance (and price) certainly catch the eye, the MBUX Hyperscreen is the absolute highlight in the interior. This large, curved screen unit sweeps almost from A-pillar to A-pillar, with three screens appearing to merge into one.

Which electric car is right for you?

So, there you have it. Five all-electric cars currently leading the way on range. If you’d like to find out more about any of the models listed above, click the button below. 

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