275-point pre-purchase inspection

172-point pre-purchase inspection

Before you lease any of our cars they must pass our comprehensive 275-point check, which ensures you get a car that’s in top-notch condition.

Manufacturer-trained mechanics and technicians complete all your vehicle checks at our state-of-the-art Preparation Centre – so you can trust your car will perform as soon as you step inside.

As an extra precaution, we test-drive all our vehicles both before and after our checks to ensure it meets our high standards.

172-point pre-purchase inspection
Inspected by our experienced team

Careful preparation

Inspected by our experienced team

Inspected by our experienced team

“It’s my team’s job to ensure you get your vehicle in pristine condition. There’s nothing worse than receiving a car only to discover it doesn’t live up to your expectations.

We inspect our cars with unrivalled precision – whether it’s petrol, electric or automatic, and we won’t let any car leave unless it passes our thorough testing.

If you want to learn more, here’s a breakdown of our vehicle checks”

– Colin Shaw, Preparation Team Leader

What do we check?

1Check engine shield (if fitted)
2Check fuel pipe hoses for leaks, damage and positioning
3Check fuel tank for leaks, damage and positioning
4Check fuel breather for leaks, damage and positioning
5Check engine for leaks
6Check cambelt status & replace if required
7Service/CBS elements as required
8Check fluid levels in the engine compartment and top up as necessary
9Check coolant strength
10Check the coolant service history
11Check all fuses and pliers are correctly fitted in the front power distribution box
12Check the strength of the wash reservoir
13Fill wash reservoir
14Check and clear all fault memories
15Following road test, recheck all fault memories
16Check battery status
17Start the engine from cold and check for engine noise
18Check driveline operation and ensure there are no abnormal noises
19Check accelerator pedal operation
20Check the exhaust system for leaks
21Check the exhaust system for security
22Check the exhaust system function
23Check all brakes for leaks and damage
24Check all brakes for positioning of lines and hoses
25Check all brakes for binding corrosion
26Check all brakes for disc corrosion
27Check all brake pads for wear
28Check inner brake pad thickness
29Check outer brake pad thickness
30Check brake disc thickness
31Check brake fluid level
32Check handbrake operation/balance
33Check the underside of the vehicle for damage and corrosion
34Check the underseal
35Check all underside hoses
36Check all underside clips
37Check all underside unions
38Check all underside for residue and clean
39Check lower paintwork for damage and defects
40Check all lights for damage
41Check lower trim for damage
42Check front grille for damage
43Check all bumpers for damage
44Check spoiler for damage
45Check front lights for positioning
46Check rear lights for positioning
47Check lower trim for positioning
48Check front grille for positioning
49Check all bumpers positioning
50Check spoiler for positioning
51Check all tyre tread depth
52Check front tyres for cuts, lumps and bulges
53Check front tyres for any other damage
54Check rear tyres for cuts, lumps and bulges
55Check rear tyres for any other damage
56Check front wheel alignment
57Check rear wheel alignment
58Check the condition of any alloys
59Check the condition of exterior trims
60Check front door mechanics
61Check rear door mechanics
62Check bonnet closure mechanics
63Check boot closure mechanics
64Check the condition of side glass
65Check windscreen for damage
66Check all the above hoses
67Check all the above clips
68Check all the above unions
69Clean residue on all the above
70Check front wheel bolt torques
71Check rear wheel bolt torques
72Check fuel filler central locking
73Check mirror operation
74Check the condition of windscreen wipers (including rain sensor if applicable)
75Check operation of windscreen wipers (including rain sensor if applicable)
76Check headlamp including dip and main beam
77Check headlamp alignment
78Check operation of headlamp cleaning system
79Check number plate lights
80Check fog lamps
81Check front indicator and side repeaters
82Check rear indicators
83Check parking lights
84Check brake lights
85Check reversing lights
86Check front hazard warning lights and side repeaters
87Check rear hazard warning lights
88Check operation of windscreen washers/wipers (including rear where applicable), set aim pattern as required
89Check the status of spare tyre or mobility kit
90Check tools
91Confirm correct locking wheel bolt adapter is in tool tray
92Check wheel brace
93Check jack
94Check chock
95Check warning triangle
96Check boot interior illumination
97Check first aid kit is complete
98Check tie-down point covers are fitted
99Install/replace tie-down point covers where necessary
100Check boot central locking system
101Check front door central locking system
102Check rear door central locking system
103Check function of DWA/alarm
104Check interior lights operate from all doors, keys and handles
105Check all seat belts for damage, operation and security
106Check interior mirror operation
107Check display monitor
108Check all interior trims for damage, security, alignment and discolouration
109Check operation and full travel of all windows
110Check operation and travel of sunroof/convertible roof
111Check all heater controls at all speeds
112Check all air conditioning at all speeds
113Check all blowers at all speeds
114Check rear window demister
115Check heated windscreen
116Check glove box light operation
117Check glove box lock operation
118Check cigar light operation and 12-volt interior accessory points
119Check horn (all segments)
120Check/adjust all on-board settings
121Check all information systems
122Check all communication systems
123Check the number of keys supplied with vehicle matches diagnostics
124Record the key position of each key according to diagnostics
125Disable any used keys that aren’t present
126Check airbag status
127Check CBS data is correct
128Check emergency phone number is stored
129Check Bluetooth operation
130Clear all entries from system navigation
131Clear all entries from hard drive
132Clear all entries from Bluetooth
133Clear all entries from favourite and notepad buttons
134Check welcome lights
135Check all parking cameras
136Check all interior lights switches
137Check all interior illumination
138Check all instrument illumination
139Check all switch illumination
140Check all general illumination
141Check all handbooks, supplementary handbooks and that any relevant literature is present in the vehicle
142List any non-approved accessories or equipment fitted to the vehicle
143Check operation of all instrumentation
144Check onboard computer/monitor operation
145Check for wheel imbalance
146Check cruise control operation
147Check for wind noise, rattles and vibrations
148Check operation of any optional extras fitted to the vehicle
149Check overall condition of front suspension
150Check overall condition of rear suspension
151Check shock absorbers for leaks
152Check shock absorbers for positioning of spring rubbers
153Check clutch hydraulic systems for leaks and damage
154Check clutch hydraulic systems for positioning of lines and hoses
155Check prop shaft and couplings
156Check final drive for damage
157Check final drive for leaks
158Check shaft gaiters for damage
159Check shaft gaiters for leaks
160Check transmission and inspect for leaks
161Check clutch fluid level
162Check clutch operation
163Check transmission operation including all functions
164Check steering box/rack for leaks
165Check the condition of track rods
166Check the condition of front axle joints
167Check PAS pump for damage
168Check PAS pump for leaks
169Check PAS hoses for damage
170Check PAS hoses for leaks
171Check rear axle operation
172Check steering operation

Customer Testimonials

How do customers rate our pre-purchase inspection?

  • I bought my car online and had it delivered. This is where the nerves kicked in. Andy Schofield kindly greeted me. He delivered my car and checked it all with me all while social distancing.
    The car was exactly as described and showed in pictures. It’s stunning and perfect, gave me a smile from ear-to-ear, and drives beautifully.

    Saul Woods
  • The car was delivered and it was exactly like the pictures. I was allowed to observe the car in detail and check if there was anything out of the ordinary. All the checks were done properly.

    Ezgi Gökhan
  • Awesome experience all round. Love the security of a multi-point check, coupled with a service and MOT and genuine all-round let-us-take-care-of-you attitude.

    Gavin Jacobs

Collection & Delivery

Get your car on your terms

Collect from our showroom

Collect from our showroom

You can arrange to collect your vehicle from our state-of-the-art showroom in Blackburn, Lancashire. Our team follow social distancing measures and we sanitise all our cars to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Contact your account manager to find out what you need to bring on the day.

Delivered to your door

We deliver to your door

If you want convenience, we can deliver your car to any UK address at a time it suits you. After your paperwork is complete, we aim to deliver your car within 72 hours – if you’ve ordered a new car it’ll come direct from the manufacturer. Contact your account manager to find out what you need to provide when your car is delivered.


Inspection and preparations FAQs

If a car doesn’t pass our inspection, we don’t sell it. It’s as simple as that. We only advertise Approved Used vehicles which have passed our stringent checks, giving you total peace of mind when choosing Hippo Leasing.

Our manufacturer-trained technicians take their time when looking over each car, ensuring it meets our high standards before giving it their seal of approval. A full Hippo Leasing pre-purchase inspection takes around four hours.

Everything you see above is covered in our pre-purchase vehicle inspection. We also make sure that all our cars have at least six months MOT remaining before being delivered, so you can be confident in the safety and quality of the vehicle you choose.

No, there’s no extra charge for the inspection. We only want to sell Approved Used cars we’re proud of and those which we know are safe so you can enjoy your driving experience. That’s why we don’t charge for it.

No, there are no additional costs. Even if we need to carry out an MOT on the vehicle before it goes on sale – which we do if it’s going to expire within six months – we cover the cost. It’s all to make sure you’re confident and safe behind the wheel of any Hippo vehicle.

No, we carry out the inspection before the vehicle goes on sale. So, if you can see a car you like on our website, you can lease in the confidence it’s already been approved by our manufacturer-trained technicians.

We provide a complimentary warranty when you lease or purchase any of our Approved Used vehicles to get you going. Though, you can choose to extend your vehicle warranty with us for total peace of mind. Speak to your Account Manager for more information.