275-point pre-purchase inspection

172-point pre-purchase inspection

Before you lease any of our cars they must pass our comprehensive 275-point check, which ensures you get a car that’s in top-notch condition.

Manufacturer-trained mechanics and technicians complete all your vehicle checks at our state-of-the-art Preparation Centre – so you can trust your car will perform as soon as you step inside.

As an extra precaution, we test-drive all our vehicles both before and after our checks to ensure it meets our high standards.

172-point pre-purchase inspection
Inspected by our experienced team

Careful preparation

Inspected by our experienced team

Inspected by our experienced team

“It’s my team’s job to ensure you get your vehicle in pristine condition. There’s nothing worse than receiving a car only to discover it doesn’t live up to your expectations.

We inspect our cars with unrivalled precision – whether it’s petrol, electric or automatic, and we won’t let any car leave unless it passes our thorough testing.

If you want to learn more, here’s a breakdown of our vehicle checks”

– Colin Shaw, Preparation Team Leader

What do we check?

1Record engine type
2Record fuel type
3Record transmission type
4Record registration number
5Record the VIN number
6Record the mileage
7Record manufacture year
8Record date of first registration
9Record date of last MOT
10Record date of next MOT
11Record date of last service
12Record number of keys present
13Front drivers side lights
14Front passenger side lights
15Rear left side lights
16Rear right side lights
17Headlamp centre aim
18Headlamp left aim
19Headlamp right aim
20Rear left side brake lights
21Centre/3rd Brake light
22Rear right side brake lights
23Rear left side reflectors
24Rear right side reflectors
25Front left side indicator
26Front right side indicator
27Rear left side indicator
28Rear right side indicator
29Front left side hazard
30Front right side hazard
31Front Hazard Warning Lights
32Rear Hazard Warning Lights
33Front left side daytime running lights
34Front right side daytime running lights
35Front left side fog light
36Front right side fog lights
37Rear left side fog lights
38Front drivers seat mechanism
39Front passenger seat mechanism
40Rear left side seat mechanism
41Rear middle seat mechanism
42Rear right side seat mechanism
43Front drivers seat condition
44Front passenger seat condition
45Rear left side seat condition
46Rear middle seat condition
47Rear right side seat condition
48Driver Head restraint
49Passenger Head restraint
50Left rear Head restraint
51Right rear Head restraint
52Centre rear Head restraint
53Heated Seats
54Check vehicle interior trim condition within front
55Check vehicle interior trim condition within rear
56Check Radio functionality
57Check sat nav functionality + whether card is present
58Check ICE
59Deletion of any previous content on media system
60Check speakers F/R are in working order
61Check fuel gauge level
62Electric charge level if EV or plug-in hybrid
63Electric car charging cable, fuel release flap and electrical flaps
64Side windows between A&C pillar
65Side windows between C&D pillar
66Front left side window operation
67Front right side window operation
68Rear left side window operation
69Rear right side window operation
7012v auxiliary power sockets
71Check USB port in working order
72Check central interior lights
73Check left map light
74Check right map light
75Check gearbox light operation
76Check Luggage compartment light
77Sunroof operation if applicable
78Convertible roof operation if applicable
79Handbrake lever operation
80Steering lock operation
81Check left isofix point
82Check right isofix point
83SOS function
84Interior mirror function
85Vehicle handbook
86Vehicle service book
87Jack & tools present
88Check Parcel shelf present
89Check all heating dials/vents working
90Check all ventilation dials/vents working
91Heated rear window
92Electric mirror operation
93Horn operation
94Seatbelt mountings
95Seatbelt operation
96Seatbelt condition
98Steering wheel controls in working order
99Steering wheel mechanism functioning
100Power steering working
101Check automatic transmission condition if applicable
102Check manual transmission condition if applicable
103Check input shaft
104Check output shaft
105Check counterpart shaft
106Front left side wheel bearing
107Front right side wheel bearing
108Rear left side wheel bearing
109Rear right side wheel bearing
110Prop shaft condition
111Front differentials if applicable
112Rear differentials if applicable
113Front left side suspension
114Front right side suspension
115Rear left side suspension
116Rear right side suspension
117Front shock absorbers
118Rear shock absorbers
119Check condition of all springs
120Bushes and joints
122Dust caps
123Control arms
124Support arms
125Steering rack condition
126ABS warning system
127Condition of service brake
128Condition of parking brake
129Service brake performance
130Parking brake performance
131Braking components condition
132Front left brake wear
133Front right brake wear
134Rear left brake wear
135Rear right brake wear
136Front Brake pads
137Rear Brake pads
138Check front Left caliper
139Check front Right caliper
140Check rear Left caliper
141Check rear Right caliper
142Brake pipe condition
143Brake flexible hose condition
144Brake component fluid leaks
145Brake fluid boiling point test
146Windscreen condition
147Rear windscreen condition
148Front windscreen wipers in working order
149Front windscreen wipers condition
150Rear windscreen wiper in working order
151Rear windscreen wiper condition
152Check and adjust tyre pressure - Front side left
153Check and adjust tyre pressure - Front side right
154Check and adjust tyre pressure - Rear side left
155Check and adjust tyre pressure - Rear side right
156Check for approved wheel & tyre combinations, sizes and speed ratings
157Spare tyre included
158Wheel centre caps
159Tread depth - Front side left
160Tread depth - Front side right
161Tread depth - Rear side left
162Tread depth - Rear side right
163Tyre condition - Front side left
164Tyre condition - Rear side left
165Tyre condition - Front side right
166Tyre condition - Rear side right
167Alloy condition - Front side left
168Alloy condition - Front side right
169Alloy condition - Rear side left
170Alloy condition - Rear side right
171Run flat tyres fitted
172Motibility kit present
173Check wheels for tightness/torque Front side left
174Check wheels for tightness/torque Front side right
175Check wheels for tightness/torque Rear side left
176Check wheels for tightness/torque Rear side right
177Central locking operation
178Anti theft system
179Bonnet condition
180Front bumper condition
181Grille condition
182Drivers side front wheel arch
183Drivers side front wing
184Drivers side front door
185Drivers side front door sill
186Drivers side front trim surrounds
187Drivers side rear trim surrounds
188Drivers side middle panel
189Drivers side rear door sill
190Drivers side roof rail
191Drivers side rear door sill
192Drivers side rear wheel arch
193Drivers side panel between the rear door and boot
194Rear bumper
195Passenger side front wheel arch
196Passenger side front wing
197Passenger side front door
198Passenger side front trim surrounds
199Passenger side rear trim surrounds
200Passenger side middle panel
201Passenger side door sills
202Passenger side roof rail
203Passenger side rear door
204Passengers side rear wheel arch
205Passengers side panel between the rear door and boot
206Cup holders condition
208Centre console
210Child locks - Front side left handle
211Child locks - Front side right handle
212Child locks - Rear side left handle
213Child locks - Rear side right handle
214Electric boot operation
215Welcome lights operation
216Ignition switch
217Start button
218Parking aids
219Fuel flap operation
220Registration plates
221Brake fluid
222Engine coolant
223Washer fluid
224Engine oil
225Transmission fluid
226Power steering fluid
227Anti freeze strength
228Top-up ad blue
229Drive belt
230Engine air filter
231Interior air filter
232Check engine cover
233Check trim security
234Oil sump
236Underbody protection covers/security & condition
237Check leaks - Brake fluid
238Check leaks - Engine coolant
239Check leaks - Washer fluid
240Check leaks - Transmission fluid
241Check leaks - Power steering fluid
242Fuel tank
243Heat sheilds
244Check exhaust for leaks
245Check exhaust security
246Check exhaust condition
247Fuel pipe hoses
248Start engine from cold & check for engine noise
249Check operation and for abnormal noises
250Clutch operation
251Transmission operation
252Steering operation
253Handbrake operation
254Accelerator operation
255Check operation of all instrumentation
256Check heating operation
257Check air conditioning operation
258Check for wheel imbalance
259Check cruise control operation
260Check for wind noise/rattles and vibrations
261Check warning lamps (dashboard)
262Check steering wheel alignment
263Check brake pedal travel/operation

Customer Testimonials

How do customers rate our pre-purchase inspection?

  • I bought my car online and had it delivered. This is where the nerves kicked in. Andy Schofield kindly greeted me. He delivered my car and checked it all with me all while social distancing.
    The car was exactly as described and showed in pictures. It’s stunning and perfect, gave me a smile from ear-to-ear, and drives beautifully.

    Saul Woods
  • The car was delivered and it was exactly like the pictures. I was allowed to observe the car in detail and check if there was anything out of the ordinary. All the checks were done properly.

    Ezgi Gökhan
  • Awesome experience all round. Love the security of a multi-point check, coupled with a service and MOT and genuine all-round let-us-take-care-of-you attitude.

    Gavin Jacobs

Collection & Delivery

Get your car on your terms

Collect from our showroom

Collect from our showroom

You can arrange to collect your vehicle from our state-of-the-art showroom in Blackburn, Lancashire. Our team follow social distancing measures and we sanitise all our cars to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Contact your account manager to find out what you need to bring on the day.

Delivered to your door

We deliver to your door

If you want convenience, we can deliver your car to any UK address at a time it suits you. After your paperwork is complete, we aim to deliver your car within 72 hours – if you’ve ordered a new car it’ll come direct from the manufacturer. Contact your account manager to find out what you need to provide when your car is delivered.


Inspection and preparations FAQs

If a car doesn’t pass our inspection, we don’t sell it. It’s as simple as that. We only advertise Approved Used vehicles which have passed our stringent checks, giving you total peace of mind when choosing Hippo Leasing.

Our manufacturer-trained technicians take their time when looking over each car, ensuring it meets our high standards before giving it their seal of approval. A full Hippo Leasing pre-purchase inspection takes around four hours.

Everything you see above is covered in our pre-purchase vehicle inspection. We also make sure that all our cars have at least six months MOT remaining before being delivered, so you can be confident in the safety and quality of the vehicle you choose.

No, there’s no extra charge for the inspection. We only want to sell Approved Used cars we’re proud of and those which we know are safe so you can enjoy your driving experience. That’s why we don’t charge for it.

No, there are no additional costs. Even if we need to carry out an MOT on the vehicle before it goes on sale – which we do if it’s going to expire within six months – we cover the cost. It’s all to make sure you’re confident and safe behind the wheel of any Hippo vehicle.

No, we carry out the inspection before the vehicle goes on sale. So, if you can see a car you like on our website, you can lease in the confidence it’s already been approved by our manufacturer-trained technicians.

We provide a complimentary warranty when you lease or purchase any of our Approved Used vehicles to get you going. Though, you can choose to extend your vehicle warranty with us for total peace of mind. Speak to your Account Manager for more information.