Do you fancy leasing a Mercedes A45 AMG?

Date Posted 22nd December 2016
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With the festive period on the horizon, the buzz of Christmas is slowly seeping in, and because nothing beats a car as a Christmas gift, at Hippo Leasing we’re looking to provide you with the ultimate in Christmas presents that will arrive with you in time for the holidays. The most exciting of lease cars we offer have recently arrived with us, waiting to be wrapped and put under the tree on your driveway – so why not give that person in your life their dream sports car: one of our two Mercedes A45 AMG models available for lease.

About the Mercedes A45 AMG range

Once upon a time, the Mercedes A-Class was a boxy, unattractive hatchback. However, in recent years, Mercedes have upped their game and the latest generation A-Class has been a true game changer. But Mercedes didn’t stop there. They knew they were onto a winner and decided to give the A-Class the famous AMG treatment and now we have the Mercedes A45 AMG we have in stock today – a premium hot hatchback, taking on rivals like the Audi RS3 and BMW M2.

Mercedes A45 Engine

Mercedes have given this A45 AMG a 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine that produces a mighty 381bhp; even more powerful than a base spec Porsche 911 Carrera! From its power, the A45 AMG accelerates from 0-60mph in 4.2 seconds and has an electronically-limited top speed of 155mph. While the car is designed to produce speed for huge amounts of power, it does produce a combined fuel economy of 40.9 mpg, pretty impressive for a hot hatch.

Mercedes A45 AMG Interior

Take a step into the A45 and you discover a comfortable, high quality, well-built interior. The front seats are extraordinarily comfortable and supportive when taking corners at speed. The steering wheel feels great in your hands and is a beauty to behold. The whole cabin is designed to give you a sportier feel. The dashboard has flashes of carbon fibre trims with red inserts to break up any chances of it looking dull. Most notably, the gear selector of the standard A-Class migrates from a dull steering column stalk to the A45 AMG’s embossed hunk of hardware located more naturally beneath where the left-hand falls.

The A45’s cabin gives you plenty of space in the front and comfortable headroom and legroom in the rear. In fact, the interior space which the A45 offers is similar to its rival models from BMW and Audi, however, the rear doors open wider. That means you no longer have to forcibly squeeze yourself in. Mercedes’ ‘performance’ seats are slightly more contoured as well as being coated in grippy Dinamica microfibre. Head around to the back of your car and open the boot. You will find a modest 341-litres, which is smaller than what its direct rivals, the Audi RS3 and BMW M2, can offer.

Like every A-Class, the A45 has a fixed iPad-style display in the centre of its dashboard. The system is actually controlled using a rotary dial positioned between the front seats, rather than touch-screen, and sat-nav and a DAB radio are included in the price.

Mercedes A45 AMG Drive

One of the core strengths the A45 has is the straight line speed, there isn’t much that can keep up with it. It is a great hot hatchback for all seasons thanks to the four-wheel drive system delivering plenty of traction and huge amounts of grip. You can throw this car into any corner and it will effortlessly take it. The A45 AMG has adaptive dampers ensures that you have an extremely comfortable ride, even in Sports mode.

In dealing with the sort of bumps and blind corners that we Brits are likely to find on the roads, it shows off a combination of taut damping, grip, response and agility that you’ll rarely find in a hot hatchback. Meanwhile, the gear changes are appropriately snappy when you take control using the paddles behind the steering wheel, and reasonably smooth when you let the automatic gearbox go about its business unchallenged.

Red Mercedes A45 AMG

Lease a Mercedes A45 AMG with Hippo

If you are looking for a car with unmatched speed, performance and drive, the Mercedes A45 AMG is the top dog out of its closest rivals. And now, unbeatable lease deals are available on in-stock Mercedes A45 AMG’s at Hippo Leasing, so you can snatch yourself an unmissable deal before it’s gone.

Hippo has two of these exotic sports cars to choose from, and both are for drivers who want to be noticed. Choose from either our 2017 Mercedes A45 in an enticing elbaite green that looks every bit as exciting as the car performs, or else opt for a hot hatch that is slightly more subtle, but in no way gentle, can opt for our 2015 mountain grey A45 AMG.

Hippo’s nationwide delivery ensures your car will be on your drive in time for those Christmas runarounds – so what are you waiting for?

Contact us today to get some quotes and further details on the leasing options available for our prestige car leasing range, including the Mercedes A45 AMG. Drop us an email at or give us a call on 01254 956 666.

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