Halloween: Drive down 7 haunted roads in the UK

Date Posted 31st October 2022
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When thinking of haunted locations, dilapidated buildings, creepy cemeteries and even ghost ships spring to mind. What most people are unaware of is that some of the most haunted locations in Britain are actually the roads we drive down. So, buckle up and lock those car doors as we take a drive down 7 haunted roads in the UK.

A666, Lancashire

A666 Bolton Lancashire is one of the most haunted roads in the UK.

The aptly named A666, also known as ‘The Devil’s Highway’ has claimed one of the top spots as the most haunted road in the UK due to the number’s biblical association, and because it is known for the appearance of numerous entities. In 2015, dashcam footage captured a strange white creature appearing out of nowhere and slowly making its way towards the petrified driver. You can even hear the screams of the passengers as they cry out for help. Several car accidents have also occurred. Many due to sightings of a hunched-over figure hobbling at the side of the road. Others have seen ‘dark shadows’ that have caused drivers to suddenly swerve, sometimes into other vehicles.

A75, Scotland

A75 Scotland route

Over the past 50 years, the A75 has gained the reputation for being the most haunted road in Scotland. A four-mile stretch known as the Kinmount Straight is where most witnesses have reported sightings. These have included eyeless apparitions, witches, ragged peasants pulling carts and even spooky horse drawn carriages. On a few occasions, motorists accidently ran over pedestrians, only for them to disappear afterwards. As far back as 1957, a truck driver swerved to avoid colliding with a couple walking in the road. But immediately after stopping the vehicle, he saw they had completely vanished.

Stockbridge Bypass, Sheffield

Stockbridge Bypass Sheffield road

Open to drivers since 1987, the A616 Stocksbridge Bypass was built to connect Sheffield to Manchester. The stretch of road between Sheffield and the Peak District has been a supernatural location for the last 30 years. Even during its construction, security guards spotted a group of children in “old fashioned clothes”, who disappeared when approached. Sightings of a medieval monk, cloaked figures and bodies in the road, have been commonplace over the years. Once, a police officer reported that his squad car began to shake and that a “man’s torso pressed up against the window.” Eeek!

Platt Lane, Westhoughton

Platt Lane on a map is one of the most haunted roads in the UK.

On the surface, Platt Lane may appear to be just another quiet, inconspicuous road. However, it runs uncomfortably close to Pretoria Pit, the site of one of Britain’s most catastrophic mining disasters. On 21st December, 1910, around 350 men and boys died from an explosion and subsequent carbon monoxide poisoning. Motorists have reported ghoulish eyes staring back at them from the hedges on the roadside, groups of ghostly miners carrying pickaxes and pulling carts, as well as eerie voices coming from the pit itself. For this reason, Platt Lane remains on many lists of the most haunted roads in the UK.

Blue Bell Hill, Kent

Blue Bell Hill Kent

Next up is the local beauty spot, Blue Bell Hill. On 19th of November, 1965, three women including 22-year-old bride Susan Brown, were in a fatal car accident. All of them died a few days later from their injuries. Since then, numerous sightings of Susan in a white dress have been reported. Drivers have even stopped to offer her a lift. One person recounted that she got into the back of his car before vanishing into thin air. More than 50 people have reported spotting the apparition on the roadside after her passing.

Flash Lane, Darley Moor, Derbyshire

Flash Lane Derbyshire

Since the 1990s, residents and visitors of Flash Lane, a quiet country road in Derbyshire, have been sharing sightings of a headless horseman. Phantom peddlers have also been observed, one of whom was murdered nearby at Darley Dale near Matlock. The victim’s ghost went on to haunt a neighbouring road near St Helen’s church, often referred to as Ghost Lane. If that wasn’t enough both UFO’s and black panthers have also been spotted on many occasions in the area. The road has become so synonymous with the supernatural, that many locals are even afraid to travel along it. Thus, it takes a spot on the list for most haunted roads in the UK.

A677, Preston New Road, Samlesbury

A677 Samlesbury is one of the most haunted roads in the UK.

As the legend goes, Lady Dorothy Southworth lived at Samlesbury Hall during the seventeenth century. She was a Catholic who secretly fell in love with a Protestant. On the night they were to elope, her brother killed her lover and she was banished to a convent abroad where she went insane and eventually died. Although many sightings of The White Lady, thought to be the ghost of Lady Dorothy, occur inside the Hall, these encounters have spilled over onto the A677. Numerous motorists, strangely most of them male, have reported several ghostly appearances and apparitions whilst driving on the stretch of road past Samlesbury Hall. Many tragic car accidents have also occurred as a result.

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