Mercedes-Benz: How the now non-boxy B-Class borrowed from the A-Class

Date Posted 2nd July 2019
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Cars go through phases and transitions over the years, becoming more advanced in certain areas to make them more suitable for drivers and passengers. Often, vehicles cheat a bit and borrow features from their earlier sister cars or model category – that’s why we sometimes come across commonalities between popular makes and models.

Step inside the Mercedes-Benz B-Class and you’ll see that the B-Class has all the benefits of an MPV but doesn’t look as boxy as one, and it’s nabbed a few bits of technology from the A-Class. The new, less-slanted engine hood is arguably the detail that makes the biggest difference when compared to the old model. Because it’s almost flat now, it no longer makes the B-Class look like a mini MPV.

1. What does Mercedes-Benz B Class have in common with the MPV?

Passenger and boot space

The reason the B-Class creeps into the multi-purpose-vehicle (MPV) segment is because of the passenger and boot space inside. If passengers want to recline, rear seats slink back by up to 14cm, and the boot is a third bigger than that of the A-Class. With the seats up, there’s 455 litres of room and with the seats down, there’s 705 litres of load space. Load your bags up to the roof and altogether, it will swallow an impressive 1540 litres of luggage.

2. How has the Mercedes-Benz B Class borrowed design from the A-Class? 

The Mercedes-Benz B-Class Sport takes exterior-design inspiration from the A-Class, with a black grille and two louvres painted silver with chrome inserts to add to the distinctive appeal.

What it also carries over from the first letter of the alphabet is the single-slab touchscreen infotainment unit; the MBUX operating system (Mercedes-Benz User Experience),which is the pride and joy of the cabin. This replaces the 8-inch infotainment screen and 4.8-inch instrument cluster available on the previous model. You can choose two 7-inch displays, a 7-inch and 10.25-inch combo or if you want to nourish your inner nerd, two full-size 10.25-inch displays.

There is also the option of front-or all-wheel 4Matic drive, letting you take things a step further, by optimising torque and delivering it to each wheel. Based on conditions, your vehicle will always have the best traction possible.

3. Less like a jerky minivan, more like a practical hatchback

Unlike the older and outdated minivan look, the bumper has different layouts depending on trim, with the sportier AMG Line model we have available featuring larger vents. The older Mercedes-Benz had a V-shaped design bumper and ascending engine hood which dropped dramatically toward the windshield.

It’s fitted with something called ‘Comfort suspension’, which has a lower ride height and makes for a smoother ride on the road.

4. From run-of-the-mill SUV to sporty machine

Not only is the spoiler a bit bigger on the new model, but the latest B-Class also has a new rear glass design that’s rounded at the bottom.

The taillights are a lot narrower and less garish than that of the old B-Class in style, and they still employ a two-element design with half on the fender and half of the tailgate.

We have plenty of Mercedes-Benz B-Class models in stock for you to choose from and you can browse our models here.

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