How to feel like the Herculean Hero of the hill in a Nissan

Date Posted 7th June 2019
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The brawny as ever Nissan X-Trail is the Herculean hero of the road when it comes to a caravan escapade with your tiny tots.

Your beloved motorhome is cooped up in your garage, waiting to be whisked away by a hunk of towing power. Made for your motorhome is the Nissan X-Trail, a stalwart wall of strength for slaying hilly tracks and worrisome weather conditions.

Towing ability

Experimenting with the vehicle, and a Bailey Pursuit 570-6 caravan, Practical Caravan proved that the top-pick of the engines, the 2.0 litre diesel, has 280lb ft of torque, which is a hefty increase in pulling power compared with the 1.6 litre diesel.

Changing lanes is also no biggie for the the tactful X-Trail. After a solid turn of the wheel, the car settles into the manoeuvre with plenty of control, and the bulk of the motorhome does not make it lean or drag one way or the other in a noticeable manner.

Switchable technology in just a tick

Heaving the hulking holiday on wheels from 30-60mph in 11.3 seconds, it’s not only the speedometer that can bolt up in the blink of an eye. Technology also helps you trek and make tracks trouble-free. Whether it’s snow, rain-covered pavement or a tight turn, the X-Trail’s Intelligent 4×4 system automatically sends power to the wheels that need it the most.

If the car is at full passenger capacity, especially with seven little heads seated, then without the four-wheel-drive-system, the drive would feel quite weighty. This intelligent four-wheel-drive-system measures wheel slip and instantly distributes torque, with up to 50% sent to the rear wheels.

Not towing? This top-of-the-range technology means you can switch to a two-wheel-drive system and lock it in to enjoy your drive too. Without the weight of a caravan, the 2.0-litre engine has enough punch for quick and decisive overtaking.

The seats are on another planet

Another design feature that gets people orbiting around this car is the space-inspired seating. Looking to the sky and beyond for their zero-gravity style seats, Nissan’s engineers created a passenger posture that echoes that of an astronaut floating in space. Articulated for upholding an upright posture from the pelvis and spine right through to the chest, the cushioned seats give your body a weightless feel when at the wheel, alleviating both discomfort, and the usual restless backseat grumbling!

Room for two more little ones? The transformative five or seven seater lets you fold down and slide the 2nd row forward to reveal a concealed 3rd row at the back of the car. It also folds down completely to make a flat boot floor for maximum storage capacity.

To fight off an attack of the fidgets, a moving mechanism is fitted to the rear seats, which lets passengers move forward to allow passengers in the very back a chance to stretch their legs.

Moonroof and aerodynamic styling

Solar system design rolls over to the transparent and tinted-glass moonroof, offering all space cadets seated the chance to see blue sky and stars.

On the Acenta, you get an anti-dazzle rear view mirror, which defends you against the full beam felons of the road, and technology like automatic headlights helps to support you on those dark night drives.

Aerodynamic panels around the pillars and a low aerodynamic underbody make for a fluid ride with minimal fuel consumption and noise. A prominent V-motion front grille and futuristically-shaped headlights add to the spacecraft like accent.

Swing-open boot doors and secret storage space

The X-TRAIL’s rear doors swing out to nearly 80°, giving you easy access to the loadspace for packing your luggage. Juggling your suitcases? Just stand about three feet away with your iKey in your pocket and swing your foot under the centre of the bumper, and the door will open-sesame within a couple of seconds.

Shhhh! Top secret features seem to be a theme in the Nissan and by lowering the seats and squinting a bit closer at the boot, you’ll see that you can click open and lift up a compartment storage space under the floor – here, there’s room to hide your valuables.

Don’t keep the Nissan X-Trail a secret though – why not share it with a friend with a family if you think it’s a good fit?

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