Top 5 longest range electric cars to lease in 2021

Date Posted 9th September 2021
Read Time 6 min read

With electric vehicles becoming more and more popular, the word range is an ever more common phrase. That’s because the vehicle’s single-charge range is often a deciding factor for a lot of people when looking into electric cars. 

And rightly so. The importance of range shouldn’t be underestimated. You need to ensure that your electric vehicle is going to be suitable for when and how you want to use it. 

But the good news is that there’s a growing selection of vehicles with an all-electric range that competes with those with an internal combustion engine. And as EVs are developing all the time, this pool of cars is going to get big pretty quick. 

As well, it’s now taking less time to get charged up, meaning you’re spending less time outside your car and more time enjoying yourself behind the wheel. 

And to help you on your electric car search, we’ve highlighted five cars that lead the way when it comes to range. But first, it’s important to understand what we actually mean by the r word.  

What is range? 

Range is how many miles your electric vehicle can travel between charges. Just like in a petrol or diesel car, on your dash, it’ll tell you how far you can go before you need to plug in. 

Because battery technology isn’t yet as advanced as burning petrol or diesel, most electric vehicles can’t travel as far as their fossil-fuelled counterparts. But they’re getting there. And we’ve listed five which truly stand out from the rest. 

Top five longest range electric cars to lease in 2021

1.   Tesla Model S

  • Official range: 375 miles
  • Approximate real-world range: 325 miles
  • Personal lease from £1,062/month 
  • Business lease from £885/month excl. VAT
  • Full charge time: 15 hours
  • Rapid charge: 38 mins
  • Top speed: 155 mph – 199 mph

First on our list of electric vehicles is the Tesla Model S. It can officially travel 375 miles on a single charge, or the equivalent of London to the Scottish Borders – with a bit of range left over to spare. 

For many, that’s more driving than you’d do in a week; meaning not only is the Tesla Model S stunning to look at, practical inside and comfortable to drive, it’s also very easy to live with. 

Even when considering a more realistic 325 miles of range – depending on your driving style – the Model S can still take you further than you’d likely travel in one go – especially without stopping. 

And, considering you get access to Tesla excellent Supercharger network, you won’t be waiting around long to get back underway if you ever do need a quick pitstop. 


  • Great looking
  • Super modern cabin
  • Huge electric range


  • Quite expensive

2. Tesla Model 3

  • Official range: 340 miles
  • Approximate real-world range: 295 miles
  • Personal lease from £488/month
  • Business lease from £406/month excl. VAT
  • Full charge: 11 hours 45 minutes
  • Rapid charge: 22 minutes
  • Top speed: 139 mph – 161 mph

Well, what do you know – another Tesla. Yes, much like the Model S, the Model 3 is also a range king. 

Giving, officially, 340 miles of range from a full charge, the Model 3 is a more affordable all-electric cruiser, and is fast becoming a firm favourite with company car drivers thanks to its low emissions and Benefit in Kind rates. 

Again, much like the Model S, the Model 3 is a superb-looking car, and packed full of market-leading tech, such as autonomous driving; helping you enjoy every drive you take. 


  • Great looks
  • Fantastic tech and interior
  • Good single-charge range


  • Not a lot

3.   Volkswagen ID.3 Tour 

  • Official range: 336 miles
  • Approximate real-world range: 295 miles
  • Personal lease from £326/month
  • Business lease from £272/month excl. VAT
  • Full charge time: 12 hours 15 minutes
  • Rapid charge: 34 mins
  • Top speed: 99 mph

The Volkswagen ID.3 is Volkswagen’s first big jump into all-electric motoring. There was the electric Golf, but that was just a Golf with some batteries. 

The ID.3, meanwhile, is an all-out EV, and VW have done a stunning job. With an official range of 336 miles, it’s by far the best-performing electric hatchback. And even with a real-world range of 295 miles, there’s still more than enough juice for most peoples’ weekly commute. 

Then there’s the styling and drive. And, something that may not comes as a surprise considering they make the Golf, Volkswagen’s ID.3 is a dream to drive. It’s nippy, light and the interior is contemporary and futuristic. It’s the perfect car for both now, and the future. 


  • Striking looks
  • Loads of handy tech
  • Great drive


  • Interior will put some off
  • Not a great top speed

4. Skoda Enyaq IV

  • Official range: 331 miles
  • Approximate real-world range: 275 miles
  • Personal lease from £578/month
  • Business lease from £481/month excl. VAT
  • Full charge: 13 hours and 15 minutes
  • Rapid charge: 33 minutes
  • Top speed of 99 mph

The Skoda Enyaq IV is not a car you may know much about. And if you don’t it’s Skoda’s first all-electric SUV. 

Released in early 2021, the Enyaq IV is a very capable and practical car. Its looks may not appeal to some – which quite a squashed front end – but for the most part it’s striking and modern. 

You can get your Enyaq in three forms; the iV 80, iV80 Sportline and the iVx Sportline. If range is key, which it probably will be, then you’re going to want the entry-level iV80, which offers 331 miles officially from a full charge. 

However, if you want upgraded styling and equipment, you’ll have to sacrifice some practicality, as the top-spec Enyaq comes with 303 miles of range. 


  • Striking looks
  • Smooth ride
  • Decent range


  • Design will put some off
  • Not a great top speed

5. Jaguar I-Pace

  • Official range: 292 miles
  • Approximate real-world rane: 253 miles
  • Personal lease from £835/month
  • Business lease from £644/month excl. VAT
  • Full charge: 13 hours and 30 minutes
  • Rapid charge: 44 minutes
  • Top speed: 124 mph

The Jaguar I-Pace is arguably the best all-electric SUV out there. Its countless awards, including World Car of the Year, would certainly suggest so. 

The I-Pace is a real premium SUV, and comes with everything you’d expect from a high-spec Jag. 

The ride is comfortable, your surroundings are refined and it also comes with 292 miles of all-electric range, which although may not be chart-topping, is more than enough for most. 

The I-Pace also looks superb. It’s not brash or in your face, it’s a true Jaguar; it attracts subtle attention from those who recognise quality. 


  • Superb drive
  • Great looks
  • Refined cabin


  • Quite expensive
  • Slow charging times vs competitors

Picking the right electric car

So, there you have it. Five all-electric cars currently leading the way on range. If you’d like to find out more about any of the models listed above, click the button below. 

Alternatively, if you’re still unsure which electric car is right for you, or you have any questions about EVs, get in touch with us online, over the phone or through our contact form below.