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Date Posted 16th February 2018
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So you’re thinking that you need a new car? However… between work, the gym, a social life, family, friends, kids and pets, when do you have time to actually go and get one? It is so easy to put it off, isn’t it? Many of us around the UK will simply continue to drive our old cars around until we find the time to go to a car dealership to look for one. It seems that unless our current car breaks down suddenly, we can often put these things on the ‘to do’ list and it can take months or even years to get around to them!

A few years ago, the thought of simply ordering a car online and getting it delivered to your door was a thing of impending futuristic generations, especially a car that you couldn’t ordinarily afford. However, it seems we have already progressed and car leasing companies, like us here at Hippo Leasing, are currently delivering 1000’s of cars a week, nationwide, to buyers who either;

  • Don’t have large lump sums of cash to pay for a car in full
  • Don’t want to be stuck with a car that reduces in value and needs ongoing maintenance
  • Aren’t able to get large loans from Banks etc.
  • Don’t have the time to go out to dealerships to view the cars
  • Don’t have the time for things to go wrong with a second-hand car
  • Want to enjoy a national competitive deal, rather than a rural more expensive quote
  • Just want to enjoy the luxury that this national car leasing delivery service offers

National car leasing has definitely grown more and more popular, with a HUGE percentage of drivers now opting to lease on PCH, PCP or car finance, rather than buying their vehicle outright. This allows them to keep up to date with all the advanced features of new cars and technology, whilst paying an agreed and manageable fee month by month, rather than paying it all up front and dealing with car value depreciation. Leasing is an incredible opportunity for people from all financial backgrounds to drive the car they want and dream of, without having to save for years to buy it. What’s more, you don’t have to go anywhere; you can arrange it all from home and have your new car delivered straight to your house!

So how does it work? It really is as simple and easy as it sounds! As a national car leasing company predominantly, we offer car leases online to anyone in the UK, and even Northern Ireland. This means that customers looking for a national car lease simply jump online to our website and, firstly, look for their car. Once they have found their perfect vehicle match, or if they want help finding it, they can speak to one of our experienced car leasing specialists to get a lease approved and get their car ordered. For many, this whole process can literally be done within a day or two.

If the car is in stock we can get it delivered, straight to your chosen door, as soon as the next day. Whether you’re at home or you want it delivered to your workplace (or anywhere else),simply let us know the address and we’ll get it there for you, at the time you need it. Our specialist team of drivers are fully insured and exceptionally experienced in driving all types of car, from small city runarounds like the Skoda Citigo to prestige cars like the Range Rover Velar. So be rest assured that your new car is in the safest of hands and will arrive with all the paperwork you need, sparkly clean and valeted, accompanied by a friendly smile.

If you’re local then great, we are also the first leasing company to open our forecourt doors. If you’re local to Lancashire, Manchester and the surroundings, you can now pop in to see us and all the cars we have in stock. You can speak face to face with a car leasing specialist and drive away your new lease car that very day.

Although this new service is proving extremely popular locally, our national website is still just getting busier and busier. National car leasing really is changing the way people achieve driving the car of their dreams. We feel that the fact that you can simply log on from anywhere, choose your car and get it delivered nationwide (often for free),is what’s making car leasing so popular with people of all generations. Whether you’re a busy parent with no time, retired and want something reliable, a new driver or simply want the best car on the market, there really is something for everyone when you lease online.

Here at Hippo Leasing, we also have many offers on lease prices, giveaways like event tickets, and incentives if you lease a car at a particular time. This month, for instance, we are celebrating the month of love, February; every car that’s signed, sealed and delivered will receive 200 miles worth of free fuel.  No matter what car or what lease you choose, there are no conditions, every car will qualify. For full info on this offer, head to our website

If you’re thinking of national car leasing, and love the sound of getting a new car delivered straight to your door, whilst paying monthly instead of upfront for it, do give us a call on 01254 956666, or head to our contact page where you can email, live chat or fill in a contact request form.

Our specialist leasing team are on hand 7 days a week, to guide you through the process and offer you the best national car leasing quotes possible.

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