The Volkswagen Golf R DSG: One of the most advanced gearboxes of its time

Date Posted 29th May 2019
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        • Instant gear changes
        • Weather detection
        • Safer storage space
        • Collision warning systems
        • Eight-speaker sound system

    Step aboard this Deep Black Pearl Volkswagen Golf R DSG for handy technology, slick interior, sports-tuned suspension and a smooth hatchback ride.  

    “One of the first models of its time to be fitted with an advanced gearbox for optimum, torque, grip and acceleration”

    The car was one of the first models in the motor world to be fitted with a dual-clutch gearbox, which is a whizzkid at gear shifts. Compared to a regular gearbox, in which the clutch has to disengage from one gear, then move to the next gear, and then engage, the dual clutch gearbox in the R DSG preselects the next gear in the sequence, allowing for optimum torque, grip and acceleration with no delays.

    “Peace of mind in all weather conditions”

    To keep you safe in all types of weather conditions, intelligent technology tells the car when its raining, and the rain-sensing windscreen wipers will speed up and slow down automatically to save you worrying whilst on the road. A collision warning system is also in place as an extra safety measure on top of your routine blind spot and mirror checks. You can stay focused on the road too, as you do not need to look away from the in-built audio controls on the steering wheel to turn up the volume on the DAB digital eight-speaker radio system.

    Sporty-detaling on steering wheel

    A sat nav with maps updated via SD cards will stop you taking a wrong turn, and a remote controlled boot opens gradually, letting you load it with luggage safely.

    Springy sports suspension decreases body roll and lets the car handle corners and unexpected bumps, lumps and potholes in the road, in a more efficient way than the standard suspension on some of its rivals. In addition, the adaptive cruise control avoids jolts in your journey, supporting you in stopping a safe distance from vehicles in front.

    This Volkswagen Golf R DSG is available in Deep Black Pearl and a variety of colours at Hippo Leasing

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