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Date Posted 1st February 2018
Read Time 4 min read

Do you need a car quickly? Has your car broken down and you don’t have time to stop, shop and mess around? Need to get the new sales director a company car when they start next week, as agreed in their contract? Are you too wary to buy a ‘sold as seen’ vehicle locally, because you (like most of us) know nothing about a car’s mechanics? Has someone crashed into you, or written your car off and you need to get back on the road ASAP?

With the world moving as fast as it does, we often find ourselves in the positon where we need something right now, or yesterday in some cases! Every day many of us drive the kids to school, commute to work / college, or rely on our ‘trusty’ vans for our trade businesses. We depend on our cars and vans so much so that if and when something breaks, or goes wrong, we are instantly in a really bad situation. The world will keep moving but, without a way to get around it, unfortunately we will not. For some people, especially if rural with bad local transport links, this could literally be a nightmare. Most car troubles are unpredictable and can’t be helped, but we perhaps need to question what can help us, when we suddenly find ourselves without wheels, what do we do?

If you are local to the Lancashire area like Blackburn, Burnley, Colne, Bury or not too far away in say Manchester, Preston, Skipton etc., you’re in luck! You could literally be driving away with a new / used, fully approved and tested car in hours, yes hours! Gone are the days where not having a car, couldn’t be sorted without risk. Until even recently leasing or buying a car was something you couldn’t rush. Especially if it was a used car. We take the risk, the hassle, the stress and the lengthy timeframe out of leasing a car quickly.

At Hippo, as you may already know, we have launched the first car leasing walk-in showroom right here in Blackburn. Brand new this year, we’ve already seen 100’s of happy customers leave with their dream car that very day. If your one of thousands that need a car fast, if you’re deadline is so tight that you literally can’t wait weeks on end for your lease car to arrive, if you’d prefer to deal with real people in person, you’d like to see, touch and feel your next caru2026you can now walk into the Hippo Car Leasing Centre like you would a typical car retail sales showroom. You’ll find a HUGE collection of cars, from all the main car manufacturers; polished, primed and ready for your consideration. Once you’ve found the car for you? Sit down with one of our leasing specialists and go through the lease options for your individual situation. Once signed and sealed, no delivery needed, simply drive the car away that very day!

However, what if you’re not in Lancashire though, or in the North West, within easy reach to our Blackburn leasing showroom? What if you still need to lease a car immediately but you’re in London, or Scotland or even further afield like Northern Ireland? What ifu2026you very much need a quick car lease too, but don’t have the time to come in and pick one up? Do you miss out? Should you consider buying used and ‘sold as seen’ and massively risking it going wrong? Do not despair! Fortunately for all you non-local customers, we have all the cars and wide selection that I just mentioned in the showroom, online in our Click & Drive offers.

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