Which van manufacturer has the best warranty and breakdown cover?

Date Posted 14th July 2021
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A van’s reliability is one of its most important components. Vans are usually relied upon by businesses, and if your van is off the road, it means you’re not making money. 

But, a van is still a machine. And sometimes machines break. However, what’s important is how fast and cost-effective you can get your van back on the road if it does falter. 

And that’s where warranty and breakdown cover come into play. 

What is a warranty?

A warranty is defined as “a written guarantee, issued to the purchaser of an article by its manufacturer, promising to repair or replace it if necessary within a specified period of time.”

In simpler terms, a warranty is a guarantee that if something is to go wrong, it’ll be repaired or replaced usually without cost to you. 

By having a warranty, you can drive easy, knowing if there’s a problem with your van, your warranty is there to fix the issue without you having to pay big repair costs. 

It’s important to note, though, that if you don’t keep your van serviced, it’ll void the warranty and not everything is covered. You can read more on that below. 

Why is a warranty important?

Having a warranty for your van is important for a few reasons. 

One is that it minimises the time your van is off the road. If your vehicle is under warranty, you can take it to an applicable dealer or mechanic and they’ll get it put right usually within a specified time period. 

Another is the savings you make. Mechanical fixes can be costly. However, with a warranty, most are covered, meaning you’re not left with a large bill.

And finally, having a warranty removes extra unnecessary stress from life. Van drivers, unlike most, often rely on their vehicle for income. And by having the safety net of a warranty, you can enjoy your van knowing if something goes wrong, it’s usually already accounted for. 

Do your vans come with a warranty?

Yes, all our vans come with a warranty as standard. 

If you choose a brand-new van, you’ll receive the full manufacturer’s warranty. You can see which manufacturer has the longest warranty cover below. 

If you choose an Approved Used van, and the van still has some of the manufacturer’s warranty available, you’ll receive the full existing balance of the manufacturer’s warranty with the option to extend it further if you wish. 

And if you choose a van that falls outside the manufacturer’s warranty, we provide six months’ complimentary warranty with the option to extend if you wish. This is also known as a third-party warranty. 

What do warranties cover?

Van warranties cover components of the vehicle which aren’t expected to fail through use or wear and tear. 

Warranties sometimes differ, but a manufacturer’s warranty is usually the most comprehensive. It’ll cover your van’s:

  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Suspension
  • Fuel system
  • Steering
  • Non-frictional clutch
  • Electrics
  • Safety systems 
  • Corrosion/rust

If your van doesn’t come with a manufacturer’s warranty, usually because it’s outgrown its warranty, we provide a six-month complimentary warranty as standard. 

Our third-party warranty, provided by Warrantywise, covers all mechanical and electrical components of your vehicle. 

What don’t warranties cover?

Although warranty cover is fairly comprehensive, some elements sit firmly outside what’s covered in your warranty.

It’s usually things that need replacing through wear and tear. That includes brake pads and discs, bulbs and tyres, as well as accidental damage, cosmetic repairs, for example, paintwork or upholstery, and vandalism. 

With some warranties, you can choose to upgrade your package for a more comprehensive cover. But this comes at an extra cost. 

New vs used for warranties and breakdown

When you lease or buy a brand-new van, it’ll typically come with a manufacturer’s warranty. The length is determined by the individual manufacturer, but an industry standard is around three years. 

That means for the first three years, you’re covered for any failure that’s mechanical or electrical.

As you’d expect from a brand-new van, it’s unlikely you’ll need to use your warranty in the first three years. Vans are notoriously dependent, and even more so when new or nearly-new. 

However, as your van gets older, like anything mechanical, it may start to encounter issues. And this is when having a warranty is important. 

By extending your warranty to cover the entirety of your finance agreement, or for however long you plan to own your van, you can still reap the benefits of the warranty while the vehicle ages. 

That means less time off the road and less spent on repairs.  

Warranty cover from each van manufacturer

As we mentioned earlier, each manufacturer is in charge of its own initial warranty. Below is a list of the main van manufacturers and their warranty length. 

Main manufacturers and warranty length.
Citroen 5 years/100,000 miles
Fiat 3 years/62,137 miles
Ford 3 years/100,000 miles
Ford Ranger 3 years/60,000 miles
Fuso 3 years/62,137 miles
Isuzu 5 years/125,000 miles
MAN 3 years/Unlimited miles
Maxus 5 years/125,000 miles
Mercedes-Benz 3 years/125,000 miles
Mitsubishi 5 years/62,500 miles
Nissan 5 years/100,000 miles
Peugeot 3 years/60,000 miles
Renault 4 years/100,000 miles
Ssangyong 7 years/150,000 miles
Toyota 5 years/100,000 miles
Vauxhall 3 years/60,000 miles
Volkswagen 3 years/100,000 miles

What is breakdown cover?

Breakdown cover is there to protect you should your van suffer from a breakdown. From a battery failure to a tyre puncture and engine malfunction, breakdown cover exists to ensure you’re not left stranded at the roadside or at home without transport. 

Why is breakdown cover important?

For van drivers, breakdown cover is particularly important.  

One is so you’re not left without a means to travel or work. If your van breaks down, your plan will either cover you for the repair of your vehicle at home, on the roadside, or its collection and deposit with a mechanic – depending on your level of cover.  

Another is for peace of mind. With breakdown cover, you can rest assured knowing that if anything was to go wrong, you’re covered. And by taking steps to look after your van, you can get back on the road faster. 

Do your vans come with breakdown cover? 

Yes, all our brand-new vans come with at least 12 months’ manufacturer breakdown cover as standard. 

If you buy a Hippo Approved Used van, then you’ll receive the full balance of the manufacturer’s breakdown cover where applicable. 

What does breakdown cover include?

Breakdown cover is designed to get you back on the road fast. And it covers several of the most common, non-warrantable issues van drivers face, including:  

  • Adding the wrong fuel
  • Broken clutch cables
  • Damaged tyres of wheels
  • A flat or faulty battery
  • Starter motor failure

What doesn’t breakdown cover include?

However, breakdown cover doesn’t include all issues. And it’s as important you know what it doesn’t cover as much as it does. 

  • An existing fault
  • Breakdown on private property (unless it’s your own home and you have home start)
  • Non-breakdown faults (e.g. faulty electric windows)
  • Parts or labour costs, including the cost of a new wheel if you don’t have a spare
  • Vans that aren’t roadworthy 

Breakdown cover offered by each manufacturer


Citroen provides 12 months’ breakdown cover for all petrol and diesel vans from the date of registration, with that increasing to a huge eight years or 100,000 miles – whichever comes first – for electric or plug-in hybrid vans. 

Cover is available 24 hours a day across all of the UK and Europe. 


Fiat vans come with 12 months breakdown cover as standard. The cover is available 24 hours a day across all of the UK and Europe. 


Ford offers 12 months breakdown cover from the date of registration on all commercial vehicles. The cover is available anywhere in the UK and Europe 24 hours a day. 


Fuso commercial vehicles receive 12 months’ breakdown cover throughout the UK and Europe from the date of registration. The cover is available 24 hours a day. 


The Isuzu D-Max comes with a five-year breakdown cover, mirroring that of its generous warranty. This includes home, roadside and recovery cover anywhere in the UK and Europe. 


MAN provides its Mobile24 breakdown service across Europe 24 hours a day. 


Mercedes-Benz vans come with three years of breakdown cover from the date of registration. It’s available 24 hours a day across both the UK and mainland Europe. 

That includes using the wrong fuel or running out of fuel completely, losing your keys or locking them in the van, two or more flat tyres, being involved in a road traffic accident, vandalism and attempted theft.


All Mitsubishi commercial vehicles come with a three-year breakdown cover package which includes home, roadside and recovery 24 hours a day. 


Nissan commercial vehicles come with a generous five-year breakdown cover as standard, including non-warrantable items, such as flat tyres, lost keys and the use of the wrong fuel.


Peugeot vans feature 12 months of breakdown cover as standard from the date of registration. Cover is available 24 hours a day across all of the UK and Europe. 


All Renault vans come with a three-year breakdown cover package as standard, available across the UK and Europe 24 hours a day. 


SsangYong commercial vehicles receive 12 months’ complimentary breakdown cover from the date of registration, including assistance, recover, rehabilitation and car hire. 


All Toyota commercial vehicles feature 12 months’ breakdown cover from the date of registration. Cover is available 24 hours a day across all of the UK and Europe. 


All Vauxhall petrol and diesel commercial vehicles receive 12 months’ breakdown cover across the UK and Europe 24 hours a day. 

Vauxhall electric and hybrid vans, meanwhile, come with a generous eight-year breakdown cover package as standard. 


Volkswagen commercial vehicles receive three years’ breakdown cover at no extra cost – mirroring that of Volkswagen’s warranty. Cover is available 24 hours a day across the UK and Europe. 

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