E10 petrol: What is it and can I use it in my lease car?

Date Posted 16th August 2021
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Visiting a petrol station, you’re likely to see instructions on the pump that E10 petrol will be replacing E5 petrol soon. But what is the difference and why is the change in fuel grades being introduced?

What is E10 petrol?

E10 contains 10 percent ethanol to 90 percent oil-derived fuel. Previously the fuel grade E5 only had a five percent ethanol mix.

The introduction of E10 across UK forecourts will therefore see vehicles emitting less CO2, with emissions expected to reduce by 750,000t: this is the equivalent to taking 350,000 cars off the road and aims to help the UK meet climate change targets prior to the ban on the sale of petrol and diesel vehicles in 2030.

Will my lease car be okay using E10 petrol?

The government state that 95 percent of petrol cars on the road today can use E10. All cars built after 2011 are compatible, meaning your lease car will be fine.

It is expected that classic cars, specific models from the early 2000s, and mopeds are the only vehicles which could be impacted by the change to E10.

New vehicles manufactured from 2019 onwards should have a label within the filler cap showing the fuel grades they can use.

If your car doesn’t show this information, the government has built an online vehicle checker to confirm your vehicle compatibility.

Will it affect my lease cars performance?

Although cleaner than E5 petrol, it is expected that E10 will slightly reduce fuel economy in your vehicle. However, the reduction is only equal to half a tank per year for the average driver according to the AA.

My fuel tank isn’t empty, can I mix E5 and E10 petrol?

As they are both the same fuel, it is perfectly safe to mix the two in the same tank.

Can I still use E5 petrol?

E5 petrol will still be available on petrol forecourts, however it will be 97+ octane super-unleaded petrol. This fuel is traditionally more expensive than regular petrol, and is mainly used with high performance sports cars to increase efficiency.

When will E10 petrol be introduced?

The fuel will be available at petrol stations in England, Scotland and Wales from September 2021.

In Northern Ireland, the introduction is expected in early 2022. This is subject to legislative approval.

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