Which is the best Ford Focus model to lease? Zetec, Titanium, Active, ST-Line, Vignale

Date Posted 30th October 2020
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It has long been regarded as one of the ultimate family hatchbacks, but which is the best Ford Focus model? 

At this point, you probably already know about the Focus’ great drive, ample space and stunning looks. If you don’t, we cover it in our complete guide to the Ford range.

If you do, you’re now looking at which Ford Focus model is the best one for you. Well, luckily for you, you have a lot to pick from. 

How many Ford Focus models are there? 

Altogether, there are four different types of Focus with 10 specifications. 

1. Zetec – From £322 Monthly

2. Titanium – From £212 Monthly

3. Titanium X – From £361 Monthly

4. ST-Line – From £201 Monthly

5. ST-Line X – From £372 Monthly

6. Active – From 336 Monthly

7. Active X – From £366 Monthly

8. Active X Vignale – From £401 Monthly

9. Vignale – From £396 Monthly

10. ST – From £405 Monthly

These range from the standard family hatchback, to the roomy estate, sports-focused ST and crossover-style Active. 

And which is best depends on what you want from it. 

Which is the best Ford Focus model?

Ford Focus Zetec

Focus Zetec

Best for a thrifty but practical drive

Not the best for extra spec

The Zetec is the entry-level Focus. Its topline price is the cheapest in the range, and it’s a lot of car for your money. 

With it, alongside the Focus’ great looks and roomy interior, you get 16-inch alloy wheels, LED lights and pre-collision assist with autonomous braking – which helps save you money on your insurance premiums. 

On top of that, there’s also air conditioning, Ford’s latest infotainment system – Sync 3 – and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto – meaning you can use your smartphone’s maps app as your sat-nav. 

Under the bonnet, there’s a decent engine range to pick from. You can choose between a 1.0-litre EcoBoost petrol, 1.0-litre hybrid and a 1.5-litre diesel

In both the petrol and diesel, there’s the choice of either a manual or automatic gearbox, from which we’d recommend the manual as the auto can be a little sluggish. 

On the whole, the Zetec is a great family car. It’s economical and affordable while still having enough tech and safety features to keep you happy. 

Ford Focus Titanium

Focus Titanium

The best all-round Ford Focus

Not the best for engine choice

Next in line in the Ford Focus range is the Titanium. Loaded with standard spec, the Titanium is what you need to experience the all-round greatness of the Focus. 

On top of everything in the Zetec, there are upgraded alloy wheels, heated front seats and dual-zone climate control to make sure your Focus is ready for every season. 

As well, there’s also keyless entry and start, automatic wipers and ambient lighting inside the cockpit to add to the already luxurious feel. 

In terms of power, you have four engines to choose from; one petrol, two diesel and a hybrid. 

For us, this is the best value for money Focus. Coming in at not much more than entry-level Zetec, we feel the Titanium gives you everything you need while remaining affordable. 

Ford Focus Titanium X

Best for affordable luxury

Not the best for manual petrol drivers

The Titanium X is a slightly better version of the Titanium. It’s not, as some may think the name suggests, a four-wheel-drive option. 

No, the Titanium X only comes with front-wheel-drive, but it does feature a lot of extra niceties compared to its cheaper namesake. 

In addition to the Titanium spec, you get bigger, 17-inch wheels, rear privacy glass and premium seating to give you a more comfortable and relaxing drive. 

On top of that, there’s a digital cockpit display and the driver can enjoy an electrically adjustable seat, leather heated steering wheel and remote door locking to make sure the rear passengers stay safe. 

Ford Focus ST-Line

Focus ST-Line

Best Focus for sporty looks and good insurance premiums

Not the best Focus for sporty engine choices

The ST-Line is a sports-styled Focus without the chunky price tag. 

It doesn’t feature any sports-specific engines, although the EcoBoost powertrains are good fun regardless. 

But what it does have is exclusive chunky 17-inch ‘Rock Metallic’ wheels, sports suspension and a full ST-Line body kit which offers a much more aggressive feel and look. 

As well, there are aluminium and alloy decals added to the gearstick and pedals, rear privacy glass and a body-coloured rear spoiler. 

The ST-Line is the perfect car for those wanting sporty looks without the big insurance premiums. To look at, there’s very little to split this model and the out-and-out ST, which could be a perfect middle ground. 

Ford Focus ST-Line X

Best for premium sports styling at a low cost

Not the best for performance

The ST-Line X adds to the ST Line’s sports car impersonation. It comes with upgraded, exclusive 18-inch wheels, LED lights and red brake callipers – the type you’d find on the top-of-the-range ST. 

Also, there are heated premium front seats, a heated steering wheel, dual-zone climate control and a digital cockpit, which really adds to the car’s prestige feel. 

Like the standard ST-Line, the body styling mirrors that of the power-focused ST, but there’s no big engine to match. 

Instead, the ST-Line X receives the same engine options as much of the range – a 1.0-litre petrol EcoBoost automatic, two diesels and two hybrids. 

If you’re looking for all the great styling of the ST but want to enjoy the benefits of a smaller engine, the ST-Line X is undoubtedly the car you should choose. 

Ford Focus Active

Focus Active

Best for low-cost off-road styling

Not the best for actually going off-road

The Active is a crossover-styled Ford Focus that looks more off-road ready than it actually is. 

It comes with black plastic wheel arches to make it appear rugged and tall, as well as roof rails to emphasise its explorer nature. 

But there’s a slight problem – there’s nothing from a mechanical standpoint to make the Active work better off-road.

You can only get it in two-wheel-drive and there’s no bigger diesel engine to give it more grunt. So, it’s very much a dressed-up family hatchback or estate. 

That’s no bad thing. The Active looks great, it’s just a little frustrating you can’t use any of its extra aesthetics practically – apart from the roof rails, which are a great addition if you regularly holiday across the UK. 

Ford Focus Active X

Best for mid-range luxury

Not the best for value for money

Much like the Titanium X to the Titanium, the Active X builds on the Active’s already impressive feature list. 

In the upgraded model, you get bigger, 18-inch wheels, LED lights and premium seats for added comfort on longer journeys. 

As well, there’s dual-zone climate control, a 12.3-inch digital cluster display and remote powered child door locks. 

Of course, this is all in addition to the same great off-road-type styling that features on the Active, including plastic wheel arch covers, black wing mirrors and an all-black roof. 

So, if you like the Active’s looks but want a little bit more inside your Ford Focus, the Active X is certainly one to consider. 

Ford Focus Active X Vignale

Best for Active practicality

Not the best for low monthly costs

Further up the range again sits the Active X Vignale. In addition to the standard Active and the X, there’s a load of extras which create an almost unrivalled driving experience. 

For the extra cash, you get adaptive LED headlights, a premium leather interior and a wide-view rear camera to make parking a little easier.

On top of that, there’s also a load-through ski hatch for added practicality, a head-up display, upgraded B&O sound system and, on the estate version, a hands-free tailgate. 

In terms of styling, there’s added chrome detailing – which is further emphasised against the rear tinted windows – to give your Focus a more prestige feel. 

Under the bonnet, you have the same choice of engines – an automatic petrol, two diesels and a pair of hybrids. 

Ford Focus Vignale

Focus Vignale

Best for luxury driving

Not the best for exclusive engines

The Vignale is the premium offering of the Titanium X. It’s the most prestigious Ford Focus in the range, with real emphasis set on luxury and comfort. 

On top of eye-catching 18-inch wheels, there’s unique Vignale body styling and Active Park Assist, which removes any anxiety from parallel parking by operating the steering remotely using smart in-car sensors. 

As well, there’s a rear-view camera, premium leather upholstery and adaptive full LED headlights. 

And if that’s not enough, there are also extra practical elements which make the car shine. 

There’s a ski-hatch for carrying bulkier items with rear passengers and a powered tailgate on the estate version.

Unfortunately, the extra luxury doesn’t bring with it any new engine options – with only the same auto petrol, diesels and hybrids found in the rest of the range available. 

Ford Focus ST

Focus ST

Best for sportiness and fun

Not the best for fuel economy

The ST is the hardest and fastest Ford Focus available. That title was supposed to go to the RS, but Ford has since axed the production of its hybrid hot hatch. 

So instead, the ST must fill its boots, and it does so with great aplomb. 

Unique ST detailing can be witnessed throughout the design of the car. Unique 19-inch alloy wheels add to the drama, as does an exclusive grille. 

Inside, ST embossed metallic scuff plates are joined by part-leather Recaro seats, which cushion you as you scream from 0-62mph in 5.7 seconds. 

On top, there are adaptive LED headlights, a rear-view camera and adaptive cruise control, which automatically keeps a pre-set distance between you and the car ahead on your motorway cruises. 

As well, there’s a head-up display, unique ST sports suspension and an upgraded B&O stereo. And this is on top of everything you get in the ST-Line X. 

But under the bonnet, things are different. 

You have the choice of either a 2.3-litre EcoBoost engine which comes with either an automatic or manual gearbox – the same powertrain as the entry-level Ford Mustang – or a 2.0-litre diesel. 

The petrol, as you’d expect, produces considerably more power than its diesel counterpart, forcing out 276bhp compared to 187bhp. 

The Approved Used Ford Focus range

Of course, the cars we’ve listed and explained above are those rolling off the Ford production lines today. 

But there are other model options available in the used market. 

If you’re interested in a used Ford Focus, we can help. Just click the button below to view our entire range. 

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