The engine is the heart of a car. Without this complex machine, your car wouldn’t function, so of course we made sure our warranty covers all the major parts. If a part isn’t included in the list below, that’s usually because it isn’t likely to experience any electrical or mechanical faults.

Things we do cover for repair

Camshafts, pistons, pistons rings, gudgeon pin, bearings, rankshaft, shells, con rods, cam belts, cam chains, sprockets/pulleys, inlet/exhaust valves, valve springs, rocker arms, tappets, cylinder head, balance shafts, crank pulley, vacuum pump, EGR valve, EGR cooler, supercharger, turbocharger, ignition coil, tensioners, governors, cam sensors, crank sensor, temperature sensors, Lambda sensors (O2), Nox sensor, knock sensor, MAF sensor, MAP sensor, EGR sensor, throttle sensor, oil pressure sensor, throttle body, intake manifold, swirl flaps, control valves, breather valve, solinoid control valve, vacuum control valve and oil cooler.

Auxiliary drive belts, brackets, mountings, tappings, supports, fixings and fastening, and turbo failures due to carbonisation for vehicles over 10 years old or 100,000 miles.

When it comes to your gearbox, we cover any big unexpected problems you might experience. The only things we don’t cover are items that have worn from age and usage. We’ll be able to spot any of these problems during your routine service and recommend a solution.

Gears, forks, shafts, oil pumps, valve bodies, bearings, casings, synchro hub, valve body, governors, solenoids, brake bands, clutch packs, shafts, drum, damper, chains, internal belts, springs, speedo drive and torque converter.

Oil plays a big part in a healthy gearbox, so we’ll check this for you every service too.

Items that break due to wear and tear.

Most modern clutches rarely experience a problem and should last for more than 10 years or 100,000 miles. Nevertheless you’re covered for any unexpected problems with Hippo Protect.

Dual mass flywheel, single mass flywheels, automatic clutch packs, release bearing, clutch pressure plate, clutch actuator, master and slave cylinders.

Replacement due to burn out from age and mileage.

People often perceive steering as the wheel that turns your car, but it’s actually far more complicated than that - as you can see from the big list of parts we cover for repair.

Steering box, power steering rack, power steering pump, electric assisted racks, electric steering column, hydraulic assisted racks, hydraulic pump, check valve, relief valve, motors, pressure sensors, temperature sensors, angle sensors, universal joints, steering column, inner tie rods, track rod ends, swivel hubs and universal joints.

Any part that has reached the end of its normal working life.

The driveline and differential systems are what controls how your wheels turn. Our warranty covers pretty much everything that can go wrong with this part of your car.

Wheel bearings, hubs, stub axles, axle, drive shafts, propshaft, propshaft bearings, support bearings, constant velocity (CV) joints, Haldex units, 4WD pump, 4WD solinoid, sensors, actuators, motors, planetary gears, spider gears, pinon gear, input pinon, crown wheel, bearings, casings, flange, transfer box and universal joints.

Items that break due to wear and tear, like CV joints rubber boots and gaitors.

Your car’s suspension is a system that has a lot of moving parts that are responsible for smoothing out the ride and keeping control on the road. If any of these parts fail out of the blue, we’ll cover them.
Regular servicing will help to identify any issues with your car’s suspension before it causes serious damage.

Coil springs, leaf springs, shock absorbers, air compressor, air suspension valve blocks, directional valves, suspension height sensors, hydraulic pump, levelling sensors, pressure sensor, suspension air bags, anti-roll bar, torsion bar, hydraulic anti-roll bar drop links, bearings, lower arms, upper arms, trailing arms, control arms, tie rod, ball joints, panhard rod and shackles/links.

Any part that has reached the end of its normal working life.

Unlike many other warranties, Hippo Protect will cover repairs to all electrical faults your car might experience. The only things not included are the things that are meant to perish and are affordable to replace, such as bulbs, wires and fuses.

Starter, alternator, ignition coils, front windscreen and rear window wiper and washer pump motors, horn, key remote fobs and cards, electrical switches, window motors and regulators, central door locking actuators/latches, fuel flap solenoid, window switches, window motors/regulators, central locking switches, seat controls, heater fan motors, solenoid, actuators, all electronic control units, instrument cluster, airbag system, pre-tensioners, parking sensors, indicator and wiper stalks, heating control switches and buttons, latch solenoids, clutch switch, accelerator sensor/pedal, level sensors, pressure sensors, temperature sensors and auxiliary heating system.

Batteries, wiring, bulbs, LED, fuses, re-flashes and upgrades. Failures to these items helps to stop damage from happening to more expensive parts.

We don’t need to tell you how important your breaking system is - it’s responsible for the safe stopping of your car. This system is made up of hundreds of parts, which we’ll check for issues as part of our annual servicing.

ABS pump, brake servo, brake booster, vacuum pump, master cylinder, callipers, Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) control module, electronic parking brake control module, control switches, motor and actuator assembly, pressure sensors, radar sensor, wheel speed sensors, pedal box, compensation valve, metering valve, springs, cylinders, auto adjusters, handbrake cables and handbrake level.

Brake discs, drums, pads, linings, shoes, hoses and pipes. These items naturally wear as part of doing their job and may need replacing every 30,000 miles or so.

The majority of modern cars have a fairly reliable fuel system. The only problems tend to stem from putting the wrong fuel in your car. Luckily, many fuel caps now come with green or black surrounds to help stop misfuelling.

Engine control module, fuel injection pump, fuel lift pump, fuel tank sender unit, throttle position sensor, throttle body, manifold absolute pressure sensor, mass air flow sensor, crankshaft position sensor, port deactivation valves, fuel rail and fuel rail pressure sensor, fuel pressure regulator, Lambda sensors, injectors, pre-heater, return valve, fuel level sensor, temperature sensor, shut-off solenoid, overflow valve and metering valve.

Contamination, misfuelling, filters, and the clearing of fuel lines.

The cooling system does exactly what it says on the tin - cools your car. It stops the engine from overheating by keeping your engine working at a safe temperature. This is a vital part of your car’s mechanism, so we cover most parts likely to break.

Water pump, thermostat, radiator, heater matrix, cooling fan, temperature sensors, pressure sensors, oil cooler and intercooler.

Leaks, loose pipes or deterioration can be picked up early in your routine service.

Rubber hoses, pipes, contamination or foreign object damage, plus other general exclusions.

Helping to regulate the temperature inside your car, air conditioning is a god send on sunny days. Common issues in this system include leaks and blockages, which you’re covered for with our warranty.

Compressor, compressor clutch assembly, condenser, evaporator, dryer, heat exchanger, pressure sensor, air con regassing if gas was lost because of system breakdown.

Air con regassing if it runs out or fails.

Hippo Deposit Leasing Protect covers any repair to your car’s built-in entertainment and information systems. Built in systems include parts that were incorporated in your car at the time of manufacture.

Built-in navigation/audio systems, bluetooth system, speakers and control switches.

Portable devices like satnav (satellite navigation).

Not all car parts are covered for repair under warranty. As with most warranty providers, we don’t include repairs to parts that have reached the end of their working life through age or mileage.

Water ingress, exhaust system, corrosion, seizure, pipes, hoses, unions, core plugs, bushes, decokes, foreign object damage, air bags, gaskets, seals, oil leaks, mountings, fixing and fastening devices, serviceable components, and noisy parts that otherwise work as normal.

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