7 best new and used cars to lease for older drivers

Date Posted 25th August 2022
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Husband and wife with a great choice for best cars for older drivers

While reaching the State Pension age brings with it some perks, namely the ability to subscribe for a free bus pass, having access to a car continues to be vital for many older people. This allows them to get to shops, access services and health care, and allow them to travel exactly where they want at a convenient time. It also allows them to remain socially connected, especially in rural places with poor public transport.

According to research by Age UK, this is essential for many older people who experience mobility problems as they age. A car may become the only practical form of independent transport in some places. 

Drivers who are recently retired or preparing for retirement will find that their needs from a car are very different in comparison to when they worked full-time for example. Older drivers are likely to spend less time behind the wheel, making fewer long journeys. 

This means that many can swap out larger cars for medium-to-smaller cost-effective vehicles. 

Ease of use, good visibility, safety and low running costs are just a few things an older driver needs to consider when searching for a car. Modern cars are safer than they have ever been, with excellent driver assistance features to keep motorists protected. 

Here, we’ve chosen seven models that we think are the best cars for older drivers. From a compact and safety-packed supermini to a dependable crossover, these cars are not only great for the driver, but also for their grandchildren and pets too. 


Scooping the award for Car of the Year 2021, the Toyota Yaris remains one of the best superminis on the market and therefore one of the best cars for older drivers. Its high seats and user-intuitive controls allow for good visibility and supportive driving for older drivers. 

With stylish features, the Toyota Yaris is available in a number of colours, but, more importantly, the efficient hybrid version offers good fuel economy (something we can all appreciate at this time), and environmentally-conscious driving.

The Toyota Yaris isn’t overly complex. It comes with all the important safety and assistance features that older drivers will appreciate. There’s a reversing camera, an intelligent pre-collision system with sensors to detect pedestrians and cyclists, alongside simple smartphone integration. 

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Ford Fiesta - one of the best cars for older drivers

The Ford Fiesta has continually ranked in the top three on the list of most popular cars in the UK. And it’s not hard to see why: a raised driving position, sturdy build, and a range of excellent safety features make the Fiesta one of the best nippy cars for older drivers. 

Designed for convenience, the Fiesta not only offers useful driving functions, it’s reasonably priced and much more affordable to run than other cars in its segment. Drivers can benefit from active park assist, lane-keeping aid, remote central locking, and adaptive cruise control. While some variants come with a heated windscreen to clear moisture and ice from the screen on winter days. 

The recent models come with 311 litres of luggage capacity (seats up) and 1,093 litres with seats folded. So you don’t have to compromise on space and comfort with the Fiesta. 

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Hyundai Kona is a solid choice for best cars for older drivers

Another reliable and trustworthy brand. Hyundai has a number of cars that could sit quite comfortably on this list (we’re talking about the i10, the Sonata, and the Tucson, to name but a few), but it’s the Kona’s bold styling and practical features that make it a standout choice for older drivers. 

The Hyundai Kona is one of the safest and most convenient cars of its size that you can drive. An easy-to-navigate cabin offers a high-up, comfortable driving position giving the driver a raised stance for a commanding view of the road ahead.

Also appealing is the five-year warranty that comes with the Hyundai Kona, Even used models will likely have considerable warranty cover remaining. Additionally, safety features such as lane assist, reversing camera, and rear parking sensors come standard on all except the entry-level version.

The Kona is also available as a hybrid or electric version too. Great for fuel economy and for those older drivers wanting to do their part for the environment. 

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With a lifted ride height and ease of access, the Honda HR-V is the manufacturer’s most popular compact SUV. Its smaller size adopts a hatchback footprint, which means that older drivers get a car that’s easy to get in and out of, without the extra bulk or running costs of a full-size SUV. 

Though the HR-V is Honda’s smallest SUV, it still provides loads of cargo space. In models with front-wheel drive, there’s 688 litres of space behind the back row. 

It has received the maximum safety rating of five stars by Euro NCAP, offering a host of safety components including automatic emergency braking, front collision warning, blind-spot monitoring, and Honda lane watch, to name but a few. 

The low-maintenance HR-V will also win over grandchildren with its modern tech and infotainment features such as a 7-inch Display Audio Touchscreen and two USB ports.

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Blending all the characteristics of a supermini with the quirky design of a compact SUV, the Nissan Juke continues its evergreen appeal making it one of the best cars for older drivers. With great visibility from its high cabin, and easy manoeuvrability to get around town, the Nissan Juke has an award-winning driver assistance system and modern features to tick all the boxes. 

Its universal appeal was further highlighted in research that revealed the Juke to be the car of choice for people aged 55 and over. And, rightly so. Take the Nissan 360-degree Around View Monitor Camera which makes tight manoeuvres a breeze, as well as the wide variety of specs and engines which allows drivers to choose a Juke ideal for them. 

The iconic compact crossover will also be available with a hybrid powertrain soon for drivers who want both performance and reduced emissions in their vehicle. A solid build quality makes the Juke a robust and reliable choice for older drivers.

Both new and used Nissan Juke models are available at competitive prices.


Forever earning its place on lists such as this, the Dacia Duster is still one of the cheapest SUVs in the UK which is why it has proved to be one of the best cars for older drivers.

The no-frills Duster has all the appeal for older drivers: it’s a decent size with easy access and a good high-set driving position. This makes it easier to see other vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists on the road, alongside easier parking. 

Roomy enough to carry luggage and shopping as well as the family, the Duster has a large interior with tons of boot space, it’s the only SUV you can get at supermini prices. 

Space, comfort and ease of driving are all prioritised, which makes the Duster equally great for long journeys or short trips around town. Running costs are another appealing factor, as well as Duster being one of the cheapest cars in its segment to insure.

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The stylish Renault Captur is a compact crossover with high seating, great visibility, and lots of space inside. Awarded the maximum 5-star Euro NCAP safety rating, the urban SUV is an excellent choice for older drivers who want space, convenience and reliability all in one. 

With active and passive safety features including the option of a 360-degree camera and active emergency braking with cyclist and pedestrian detection, the Captur’s driving aids are excellent. The highlight is the Highway & Traffic Jam Companion, which is rare in the small SUV class and provides significantly improved comfort and tranquility when driving.

More recently, Renault has introduced an E-Tech plug-in hybrid powertrain, which has CO2 emissions of just 30g/km. This is set to be followed by an E-Tech hybrid version too, giving eco-conscious drivers more choice as well as knowing that there are cost-effective options of the Captur available. 

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