Most unique car gifts for petrol heads this Christmas

Date Posted 13th December 2022
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A car would definitely be nice but what about a luxury bottle stopper?! It doesn’t have to be a difficult process to choose a great gift for the car lovers in your life. We’ve done the work and selected some talk-worthy gifts to please any auto enthusiast this Christmas.

We’ve already put together a couple of fun and specific car-inspired Christmas gift ideas – whether it’s for car lovers of all ages or for automotive fans who love their brands – you’ve got nothing but choice.

With different budgets and interests in mind, all you need to do now is click “add to cart” and carry on enjoying the rest of the festive season. Here are our most unique car gifts for petrol heads this Christmas…

Most unique car gifts for petrol heads this Christmas

Drop Stop Car Seat Gap Filler

Price £16.95

We’ve all been there. That wretched gap next to the car seat that suddenly seems so vast when you drop your phone or your keys, or even your fries from McDonald’s down the side. It becomes a true sport of seeking with the seat being moved back and forth, or you simply not being able to reach exactly whare the object is.

So, this list wouldn’t make sense without one of the most convenient car accessories (that many people still doesn’t know exists) on it! Enter the Drop Stop Seat Gap Filler, a flexible casing that fills the gaps on the side of your car seats. These ones are made from neoprene, so they’re stain-proof, water-resistant, and super easy to clean.

They also look good and mesh perfectly with black interior so there’s no need to worry about aesthetics. It’s the ideal gift for any clumsy car lovers who are always losing change in their cars!

Amazon Echo Auto

Price £49.99

For drivers in a new car, the voice recognition software is likely going to be one of the best on the market. However, as used car popularity continues to grow, there is a good chance that some may not be equipped with the most convenient controls. Meet the Amazon Echo Auto. Okay, so it’s not particularly unique, but it is amongst the best virtual assistants that make driving a more peaceful, stress-free, and safe experience.

There are eight microphones, so the device can distinguish your voice over the sound of your Christmas playlist, and even the engine. You can ask it to make a phone call, check traffic, tell you the latest petrol prices and so much more. Connected through either an old-fashioned aux cable, or the phone’s Bluetooth, the set up is easy and you can start using the Echo Auto right away. If bought from Halfords, they will install it for you upon request.

Bentley Motors – Flying B Bottle Stopper

Price: £65

Add a little luxury to your gift giving and treat the car lover in your life with Bentley Motors’ Flying B mascot-inspired bottle stopper. The polished chrome bottle stop makes the perfect addition to any dinner party or simply a cosy meal in.

Long regarded as a symbol of automotive excellence, Bentley’s iconic ‘Flying B’ mascot was redesigned in 2019 in celebration of Bentley’s centenary year. The restyled mascot is an evolution of previous designs dating back to 1930, when the mascot was first used on a Bentley 8 Litre.

The beautiful bottle stopper is made from zinc alloy with chrome plating and rubber rings and presented in a Bentley gift box.

Seetroën Glasses – Inspired by You

Price £68

If you know someone who is forever calling shotgun to avoid sitting in the back and feeling nauseous, this is the perfect gift for them. Citroen has created one of the first glasses against motion sickness. The Seetroën Glasses are a patented medical device that contains blue liquid. Reacting to vehicle accelerations, this fluid moves around the eyes in a frontal (left-right) and sagittal (front-back) direction.

So, how do the glasses work ? An artificial horizon is created at the periphery of the visual field, without disturbing the central vision. You put the glasses on as soon as the symptoms occur, wear them for 10-12 minutes so that your senses can resynchronise and your eyes can adjust to the reality of movement again. Your motion sickness will disappear and you can start enjoying the journey once more. Just like that !

Revive: Group Half Day Car Cleaning Tuition

Price £95

Only a true car enthusiast will appreciate the art of safely washing and detailing a car. Revive’s ‘Safe wash experience’ is the authority on how to clean and care for your car without damaging expensive paintwork and trim.

An ideal activity gift and an experience any car devotee will enjoy, this is the perfect gift for anyone who loves their car and wants to really take care of it. There’ll be no shortage of good advice and practical, hands-on tuition and practice. You’ll even come to learn why the ‘three bucket” method is so important. Each session can be tailored to the participant’s wishes, and they’ll also see the detailing product production lab and club shop.

Location: Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire (Cotswolds).

Handpresso Auto Maker

Price £153

We’ve all got that one friend or colleague who worships coffee like it’s a cult. Once again, a car lover who also adores this caffeinated liquid concoction will need a fast and reliable way to get their caffeine rush whilst on-the-go. The Handpresso Auto Maker is the answer. The Handpresso Auto travel coffee maker uses Nespresso or Nespresso-compatible capsules and connects to a 12- or 24-volt cigarette lighter socket. It also sits comfortably in the car’s cup holder.

Thanks to its digital display, it guides the driver through the easy coffee-making steps. The best thing? You can schedule a five-minute delay, so your coffee is nice and hot whenever you’re ready to start sipping.

Lamborghini Gallardo Leopard Earrings

Price: £150

For a gift that combines car parts and style, these stunning earrings tick the box. Made from metal that is sourced from a Monterey Blue Lamborghini Gallardo, the earrings are a definite bright and beautiful statement piece.

The makers at Crash Jewellery created ‘faux’ leopard skin by engraving into the car paint to simulate spotted markings. The original car paint is left as the ‘positive’ image while the ‘negative’ image is the silver under metal.

They added hammered copper rivets to further create the illusion of an exotic animal pelt. Finally, to top it all off, rose cut orange carnelian gemstones were set in sterling silver bezels for added bling and swanky appeal.

Moreover, the order will arrive in custom Crash packaging with a Registration Card that lists the name of the car that the earrings came from.

Limited Edition: The Essence Aston Martin from DB2 to DB6

Price: £320

The ideal coffee table book for any car fan, this is a set of 2 volumes in a slip case, covering the fifties and the sixties of Aston Martin cars. Flip through 1400 exclusive pictures, taken by the author, who spent 10 years of research and investigations to find the cars and owners.

All versions of the 135 cars are pictured and cover every model build by the factory. Left hand drive, right hand drive, standard, Vantage, Saloon, FHC, DHC, convertible, volante, and hard top, are featured in each series. Technical details of each model is also included.

The main purpose is to give an extensive view of the evolution car per car with pictures and text all together gathered in a luxury book. This is a gift made for someone who wants to share the passion, history and the great liking for cars built by the David Brown company, all viewed from an artistic and precise angle.

Salvatore Ferragamo Driver with Gancini Ornament Loafer

Price: £475

It doesn’t get more luxurious than this (or maybe it does… more on that below!). Salvatore Ferragamo, the designer known for its luxurious footwear and accessories, brings the brand’s style and heritage to the world of motoring comfort with the Parigi Driver with Gancini Ornament loafer.

The Italian label has created this pair with low environmental impact materials. The upper in suede calfskin in the coolest shades of the season is the result of a virtuous working process, realised using manufacturing waste and reduced carbon emissions.

The steel Gancini buckle is infinitely recyclable, while the custom patterned sole is made with materials derived from plant-based bioplastic. Moreover, the insole is metal-free leather tanned with plant-based materials. If you want to splash out, these loafers are exceptionally soft and light – and driving will be the most comfortable experience, ever.

Available in a selection of colours.

Ferrari Leather High Heels with multi-layered laminated effect finish

Price: £810

As far as making bold statements goes, these are the heels to be in and be seen in. The multi-layered laminated effect finish adds a contemporary look to any feminine silhouette. With a striking high heel in an exclusive shape, square toe and side cut-outs, the brushed leather mirrors the shine of Ferrari cars’ bodywork.

The black lugged sole and contrasting grosgrain pull-tab at the back also have a strong visual impact. The distinctive design of this Made in Italy women’s shoes combines innovative solutions and materials, such as the comfortable soft leather lining and the ruthenium finish with anti-fingerprint treatment, enhancing the metal Prancing Horse on the heel. All we’ve got to say is… Louboutin who?

Limited Edition Jaguar E-Type Gold Spinner

Price: £1,000

If the car enthusiast in your life wants a truly unique item – and you don’t mind going all out to get it for them – Jaguar would be the place to check. This gold spinner is one of 10 limited edition pieces created to mark the iconic vehicle’s 60th anniversary.

When a hand-built prototype 77RW was driven from Coventry to Geneva to be launched alongside the 9600HP at the Motor Show in 1961, the Jaguar E-type instantly created motoring history. Now, the generation-defining Jaguar E-type has a wheel spinner dedicated to its legacy.

Carefully upcycled from the Jaguar Classic workshop in the brand’s home city of Coventry and handcrafted by the team at Final Flight Furniture in Nottinghamshire, this is another exclusive collaboration with Jaguar Design which would make a worthy gift.

Uniquely Rolls-Royce Champagne Chest

Price: £37,000

Ok, it’s extortionately priced – but if this isn’t the definition of unique, we don’t know what is. Rolls-Royce have escalated on the luxury ladder with their over-the-top Champagne Chest. Crafted by artisans, the chest effortlessly opens at the push of a button to reveal a perfectly appointed champagne set, worthy of one of the world’s finest automotive marques.

A hand-polished aluminium chassis is enveloped in Natural Grain leather and flanked by exquisite wood – materials most commonly found in Rolls-Royce motor cars. There’s a thermal cooler that cradles in leather hammocks and a flask to keep your bubbly chilled. While the four hand-blown crystal champagne flutes evoke memories of a V12 engine. To top that off – are you ready? – you’re not ready for this – delicate caviar bowls to accommodate the 30g caviar tin, and mother of pearl caviar spoons.

The Champagne Chest contains everything you need for an on-road celebration or, alternatively, on the deck of a superyacht *manifestation on*. And as Rolls-Royce really love the finer things in life, you’ll have to be seriously fond of this gift receiver to splash out a price tag of £37,000.

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