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Half a Million Cars Will Be Exempt from Annual Mot Testing

Last Updated: 24th Jan 2018
Half a Million Cars Will Be Exempt from Annual Mot Testing

24th January 2018

Whilst everyone was fixed on thinking the age of the car required to complete an MOT test will be extended from 3 to 4 years, the Department of Transport had other ideas.

It has been confirmed that as of May 2018 all cars registered before 1970 will be exempt from the MOT test. This shock announcement will rule out almost half a million cars from requiring an MOT in a few months’ time.

Current laws instruct all cars which are registered before 1960 do not need to complete the annual drivability test however, the Department of Transport has confirmed this will be changed to cars older than 40 years.

Expected road safety fears have arisen since this recent announcement, with many people predicting the changes will only allow for more dangerous cars on the road. The response from DfT to the criticism raised was owners of these cars keep them in good condition and don’t use them regularly.

A reduction in numbers for vehicles which will require an MOT test is expected to impact local garages. A substantial drop in earnings as a result to the changes could result in a hike in prices for other services and perhaps even a threat to jobs in the industry.

The initial highly anticipated plans that would have seen cars wait four years for their first MOT rather than three have been scrapped by the government. This has come after safety concerns were raised during a public consultation.

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