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Are You Driving To Or Away From Valentine's Day?

Last Updated: 2nd Feb 2018
Are You Driving To Or Away From Valentine's Day?

1st February 2018

We’ve all heard of Christmas scrooge right, but have you heard of a Valentine’s Day scrooge? You know those people that loathe the 14th February more than any other day in the whole year, and actually find it quite repulsive? Do you live, work, run with one? Are you married to one? Are you, in fact, a Valentine’s Day scrooge yourself?

Now, most people would be quick to think that a V-day scrooge is the ‘way they are’ because they’re perhaps single, bitter, have huge FOMO and, really, they‘re just yearning for someone to take them out for a romantic valentines soiree too. Others may think that their partner or spouse is a Valentine’s scrooge because they’re simply the most unromantic person in the world, who lumbers around with their heavy heart of stone, never passing a thought towards all things cute, sweet and cuddly.

Well, I am here to express my point of view on this day and I am neither of those people above, but I AM a valentine’s scrooge, and I AM proud. No, we are not all unromantic males, we are not all single female spinsters cry-singing into our hairbrushes like Miss Jones about being alone. We are not just lazy and unthoughtful and incapable of showing our feelings. Maybe we just know that it’s a completely made up day. A day which, in actual fact, Emperor Claudius II executed two men — both named Valentine and named that day after them. 14 February – Valentines Day. (How romantic!)

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Here’s a little list of why people like me, fellow V-Day scrooges, may like to pass this day off as any other.

Love is for life, not just for Valentines – Surely we should be showing our love and appreciation to our partners (or ourselves) all the time. Why is there so much pressure to show and prove exactly how much you love someone on just one day? What about the rest of the year?

Overpriced– OK so everything turns up a notch, and I’m not talking about heat…but price inflation. All of a sudden everywhere is more expensive. Don’t try and buy flowers for Deidre who’s retiring at work on this day, it’ll cost you 4 times more than usual, and she may think red roses are a bit creepy coming from you. And let’s not even get started on gimmicky Valentines gifts and ludicrous ‘weekend away’ prices…as we’ve only just recovered financially from Christmas.

Vicious cycle - It won’t stop, it’s going to happen each year, for the rest of our lives, for no real factual reason  - just because it’s ‘nice’ and ‘romantic’. You’re going to have to either pretend or explain your Valentines scrooge-ness to each new partner until you find someone to marry that understands. 

Eating, anywhere – Seriously, if you’ve ever tried to eat out / book somewhere around the 14th February when you’re trying not to celebrate Valentines, you’ll be extremely lucky (or magic) to find a.) Any place with any space, whatsoever, b.) Somewhere that isn’t filled with just couples looking lovingly (bored) into each other’s eyes, c.) A normal menu that isn’t ‘Valentines’ special courses / set menus.   

OK, so you may be wondering why this blog post is on Hippo Leasing and where am I going with this, after that slight rant. Well my stance is this, regardless of what you feel for this loved-up day, we can help you.

For the scrooges (Single):  You’ve got no one to worry about upsetting with your unromantic charm! Count yourself as lucky, because all you have to care about is yourself today. Why not pop into Hippo Leasing and find your perfect match? No, we haven’t turned into a dating site; we’re talking cars of course! Why not revel in this Valentine’s Day by doing something awesome for yourself? Come and have a look at the cars we have available to lease in the showroom, and feel your self-esteem rise when you sit in what could be your next new carriage. We’ve got a Golf Convertible,  SEAT Ibiza, and a very nice Mercedes A Class, just to name a few, in stock.  Not only can you see and touch them, you can take them out and test-drive them too, and really get a sense of how your new car is going to make you feel.  Got an old car at home that’s ancient and dated and doesn’t make you feel attractive anymore? Great! Bring that along too, because you can part-exchange it; out with the old, in with the new!

For the romantics (Single) – Please read above and take notes, we invite you too, to celebrate YOU. Don’t make today about the fact that you’re alone and ‘sad’ and feel that awful pressure that you should be with someone! Oh no, rejoice and celebrate the fact that you are awesome, and one day of the year is NOT going to make you question yourself or your life! Come down, have a browse, and drive away the very same day in a brand-new car that matches you, and makes you feel as wonderful as you deserve. We promise it’ll cheer you up and make you forget all about this silly day as you cruise around in your new wheels! You may even smile at all the couples walking by because you’re so happy with your new lease!

Romantics (Taken / Couple) – OK, so you’re thinking how can going down to a car showroom on Valentine’s Day be romantic? We counter, how can it NOT be? Now our showroom is pretty fancy, it’s not just some warehouse type set up with loads of cars in it, no it’s gleaming and impressive, lined with polished and sparkling cars, filled with that new car smell and our prestige cars are on site too. Imagine, walking around hand in hand with your loved one, telling them how he looks like James Bond in that sexy Aston Martin, how much she suits the Mercedes E Class and how it makes her look elegant yet powerful. Go for a test drive and really feel a connection with your new wheels, and when you want to sit and sign, we’ll give you a free bottle of fizz to celebrate! Your partner can literally leave the showroom in their new sexy car that day (not after the fizz of course!) and you’ll see by the huge giddy smile on their face, you’ve just made them super happy. Now you tell us that’s not romantic?

For the scrooges (Taken / Couple)

Whether you’re a male or female, believe me, your partner will think it’s romantic to be taken to look for a new car.  It’s almost like being romantic and not meaning to be! OK, maybe they won’t think this initially, but as soon as you take them into the showroom, they’ll get super excited about the fact that they can drive away in a new car today and feel all warm and bubbly inside, and that’s what it’s about right? Making them happy. It’s a great way, if you are a valentine’s scrooge, to do something nice that’s going to make them smile from ear to ear, without being cheesy, tacky and spending a small fortune on ridiculous gifts etc. Why not make use of our leasing offers, which will save you money and get them something they’ll actually use and love. We will also give you 200 miles of free fuel, all through February, because this is the way we want to show out LOVE to you. Now that’s romantic yet not typical Valentines mushy, right?

OK, so this blog was a little tongue in cheek and playful! Regardless of whether you’re a scrooge or a hopeless romantic, whether you’re single or taken, madly in love with someone or madly in love with life, we wish you all a wonderful Valentines doing what makes you happy!  

We will be here at the showroom, sipping champagne and polishing our cars, so please do feel free to pop down. We’ll make it as romantic or unromantic as you like! 

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