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The Driving Test Is Changing Again

Last Updated: 25th Apr 2017
The Driving Test Is Changing Again

25th April 2017

The nature of driving changes constantly and quicker now thanks to new technology that needs to be taken into account. That is why the Government has decided to again change the test to accommodate what future drivers will face on the road.

The current test

The current driving test that learner drivers will face up until Monday 4th December 2017 is broken up into different parts. You will drive for around 40 minutes, but first, you have to complete an eyesight test and two “show me, tell me” questions with the examiner.

The eyesight check is to see if you can read a number plate at a certain distance. For the newest style number plates, you need to be able to read them from 20 metres away and the older style numbers plates you need to be able to read them from 20.5 metres away. The “Show me, tell me” questions are designed to test how well you could identify and deal with an issue if one so arose.

Driving ability

As mentioned above, you will drive for 40 minutes. In that time you will bet tested through a variety of road and traffic conditions and asked to perform one of three manoeuvres designed to test how skilled you are at reversing your car.

During the test, you are asked to pull up safely to the side of the road or behind a parked car and then asked to again pull away safely. This includes hill starts as well. The three manoeuvres on the test are reversing around a corner, turning in the road (three-point turn) and a reverse park either a bay park or a parallel park. You will only be asked to do one of these for your test. You may be asked to carry out an emergency stop (One in four tests conduct an emergency stop on the day of the test).

For ten minutes of the test, you are asked to drive independently by either following traffic signs or following a series of verbal direction given to you in one go. You are then tasked with following that direction. Do not worry, however, because the aim is not to see if you can follow direction, but to see if you will make any faults whilst driving independently. That means you can go off course as long as you don’t make any faults in your driving.

The changes

From 4th December 2017, there will be four changes made to the driving test. Independent driving will be increased from 10 minutes up to 20 minutes as a way of preparing you for driving life after your lessons and test. The independent driving will not include the following of signs or verbal instructions from the examiner (One in five tests on the day will still follow road signs). Learners will be asked to follow directions from a sat-nav provided by the examiner.

The manoeuvres have also been changed. You will not longer be asked to reverse around a corner or make a turn in the road (three-point turn) during your test (although your instructor should still teach them to you). Instead, you will be asked to perform either a parallel park, a bay park or the new one which asks you to pull up on the right-hand side of the road, reverse two car lengths and safely rejoin traffic.

Whilst with the current test, you are asked the “show me, tell me” questions before you start driving, the new test will require you to answer one of them whilst driving and one before you start driving.

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