Ford Fiesta ST On Car Leasing

Last Updated: 20th Jan 2017
Ford Fiesta ST On Car Leasing

20th January 2017

The Ford Fiesta ST can be one the easiest, as well as being fastest, cars to handle. With its impressive top speed of 139 mph we know that this car is fast. This car is cheap to drive for something being so fast. This car is known to be one of the nicest looking hot hatchbacks around, with various colours to choose from.

For what you get with this car, you will be amazed by the price you need to pay. It is so affordable. It is possible to lease the three-door model of this car now through personal car leasing.

Under the bonnet

As most people know the ST is very fast when it does 0-62 mpg in 6.9 seconds. Also with it reaching a top speed of 139 mph, this means that the car has a higher speed than the legendary Ferrari 250 Europa and the Jaguar E-type. This car is no normal Fiesta because the 2014 fiesta does 0-62mph in 16.9, that is more than double the time. The sound of this engine will blow your mind.  

With all that speed, you may expect terrible fuel efficiency. We can tell you that you get 47.9 mpg for the combined fuel economy. Not bad for such a fast car.

Enter the car

Inside the car is a warm, comforting leather interior, with maximum comfort when driving at a high speed. The ST has a pair of bolstered Recaro seats that will keep you in place when going around corners at speed. The ST is fitted with a navigation system, with a Bluetooth connection system that will make your ride a whole lot noisier, when you are blasting out your own music.

With regards to space, the ST suffers similar issues to the regular Fiesta, in that there is a lack of passenger space. When this generation of Fiestas was launched, superminis were all a similar size, but whilst other models have upgraded, the Fiesta hasn’t. The new generation of Fiesta is out later this year.

The drive

The sense of connection the Fiesta ST gives you with the road is incredible. You find the confidence to tackle the twisty roads quickly and without fear. Owning a Fiesta ST in the UK gives you so many opportunities to test this car to its and your limits. The steering of the car is impeccable with the car making you feel like you could be an F1 driver with how accurate it is. Wherever you want to place that car on the road, it will be there without hesitation or forcefulness. Thanks to it have ample amounts of grip, you can easily toss it into a corner and have no worries, but pure enjoyment as you come out the other side.  

The best and safest thing about the Fiesta ST is that it feels alive at legal speeds. You get supercars that only feel alive when you take them onto a track to hit the highest speeds. With this little beast, you can enjoy the sporty, exciting feel throwing it around corners and zipping up the motorway without breaking the law.

With this brilliant car, you are certainly getting your value for money. The Fiesta ST is the way to go when looking for a great hot hatchback. If you chose this car, you will never look back. Check it out on car leasing right now.

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