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Hippo Car Leasing Centre

Last Updated: 17th Jan 2018
Hippo Car Leasing Centre

17th January 2018

We are now living in a world of automation, computerization and software driven machines. Robots have advanced to appear and process information meaningfully and often we don’t know if the person on live chat, for instance, is indeed (a)live or simply providing predetermined answers to our questions. Every day we use our devices to book, buy, trade and manage our lives. We use apps to speak to, not only businesses, but people and family. Instead of calling each other we type or record our voice and send it as a message. Instead of seeing, touching, feeling and testing a product we look at a flat picture and read reviews of what others think. Now, there is nothing ‘wrong’ with this per se, but what if we want and crave a REAL buying experience in this 2D robotic world? What if we want to touch and feel every inch of the product we are buying instead of relying on what others purchasers felt when they received theirs?    

Here at Hippo we are revolutionising the way that you lease a car! We are changing the hard, harsh, bright, pixelated face of car leasing and turning it into something real, and tangible; where we can see the face behind the screen, the expert behind the advice, feel and touch and test the vehicle/s, using our senses and instinct in our decision. How do you feel in a car, how does the car steering wheel, pedals and seats feel beneath your feet and fingers, how does it drive, how can you actually speak to a real person and get the best, tailored deal for your individual circumstances.

Although some sites are indeed automated and simply churn out the same deals and offers for everyone, at Hippo online we aren’t actually that futuristic or space-aged! Our online service is still personalised and, whether it’s on the phone or via email, we do have to speak to a customer initially to find out exactly what they are looking for, so our team of experts can find them the best car and finance available to them. We then need to either speak or email again to get it all set up and approved. So robots are fortunately not taking over here, just yet!

Up until now leasing a car has predominantly been an online market with us, Hippo, leasing cars to clients as described above, over the phone or via email. This method is established, tried and tested and of course effective for people who are too busy, too far away and those who simply like to deal online. It has gained us 1000’s of happy leasing customers from all over the UK and we aren’t about to change that completely.

However, for those who ARE local to us, or for those that DO want to use their senses when buying, that do want to look an expert in the eyes and have a physical conversation; we are adding a real life leasing experience to our belt and launching the very first Car Leasing Center!

Now, you are able and invited to walk through our doors, stroll through our forecourt and browse to your hearts content. See the colours of the car in true form, appreciate the shape and texture of the body and buttons from every single angle, breathe in and smell that ‘new car aroma’, test drive the car/s and really get a sense of how you and the car feel together. All this whilst knowing that at any time, leasing experts are right there, on hand, to answer any questions or queries that you may have. When you’ve found your perfect match? Put actual pen to paper, sit down and have a coffee or tea and understand exactly what lease you are signing for.  We feel it’s a little like dating! You can of course swipe left or right and date online, it’s a popular and proven method for many of us these days we can’t deny that. However, we cannot negate or forget that meeting someone in real time and real life is far more accurate, representative, and truthful to how we think and feel. We are adding this intuitive and sense sensation to car leasing, and we cannot wait to launch this!

The forecourt is ready, and the cars are polished and parked, and our wonderful and dedicated staff are suited and booted ready to answer any and all questions thrown their way.

On Saturday the 20th January 2018 we are inviting you through our doors to experience the very first car leasing centre in the UK.

Now, as always, we like to kick something so special off with an almighty BANG! So for the launch weekend only we have some exciting offers and goodies up for grabs! For each car deal signed, you’ll be

  • Eligible for £100 cashback.
  • Eligible to win some golden (MEN Arena) tickets
  • Entered into a draw with the hope of scooping £1,000!

There will also be free coffee, tea and CAKE for you whilst you wander around and browse our range of polished cars on offer. If you can’t make this weekend, do not despair, we are now open to leasing clients;

Mon-Fri: 8:30am - 5:30pm
Sat: 9:00am - 4:00pm
Sun: 10:00am - 3:00pm

We look forward to meeting, greeting and shaking your hand soon!


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