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To You, From A Hippo Leasing Customer

Last Updated: 17th Jan 2018
To You, From A Hippo Leasing Customer

17th January 2018

If you’re anything like me, I didn’t have the first idea about car leasing!

Heard of leasing but don’t have a clue how it works? Think ‘renting’ a brand new car that’s maintained and comes with free road tax, roadside, warranty, as well as being delivered is one of those too good to be true deals? (I did!) Wondered why leasing is now the preferred way to drive away a new car to over 80% of the UK? You’re not alone, don’t worry!

Getting a new car used to be as simple as, save your money then go to a local dealer and buy one. If you couldn’t afford the price of a brand new car you simply went with second hand and tried your luck, hoping it wouldn’t break down days/weeks later! In today’s world, there are so many alternative options to get that new car without necessarily having all the funds to buy one. Car finance was first introduced which seemed simple, like a loan, you just borrow the money and pay it back with interest. Now however, there’s a whole host of other options and to most average car purchasers, the possibilities all seem a bit daunting and complicated.

I personally never understood it and didn’t do much research into it as jargon like PCP, Hire Purchase, Lease to Buy was frankly a tad overwhelming and I just didn’t have the time or patience to sit down and work out what they all meant! Not being one to lend or take out loans, I went with the buying option, with the money I had. I found an older Mercedes convertible, and was so excited! It was just within my small budget, it looked immaculate from the outside, drove well and I could just see myself with the top down through the summer going on long road trips with my friend Sue, totally Thelma and Louise style! (I was of course hoping for a young Brad Pitt to join us too!) I drove the car for three days and this daydream was well and truly shattered in an instant. It turned out mechanically the car was not so wonderful and one rear axle, one new clutch and an exhaust piece later, I had spent over the amount I actually paid for it initially. Of course it was ‘sold as seen’ and after checking with citizens advice, I had absolutely no leg to stand on. What’s more my tax was sky high as it was an older car with bad emissions and I stupidly didn’t take breakdown cover straight away so all in all, it cost me an arm and a leg and I still didn’t feel secure driving it at all. No more Thelma and Louise or Brad Pitt fantasies, I was now in a positon where I couldn’t afford it, but couldn’t do what the ‘lovely’ couple did to me, to someone else, either.

Mini violins back in their cases, all was not lost. A friend suggested I try leasing to eradicate all these issues and said that I could even try and part exchange my beautiful yet troublesome car, to offset some costs. So a quick google later I contacted Hippo Leasing who were first in the list (I told you I had no time/patience!). From start to finish they were incredible.

For a novice in this broad leasing field, they held my hand (in a cyber / over the airways type of fashion),the whole way through the process. They thoroughly explained the leasing process to me in layman’s terms (thanks for your patience & kindness Sarah Pounder) and gave me the best, simplified options that would work for me as an individual. I was able to part exchange my unreliable Mercedes, so I didn’t feel guilty selling it to another private buyer. I then got a brand new BMW 2 series convertible (Thelma, Louise we are back in business ladies!) including everything; road tax, roadside, warranty and delivery, all for under £265 per month. I was sceptical but upon receiving all the paperwork and being treated so nicely by Sarah and other staff, it really was just what I needed.

I write this post as an extension to my thank you letter I wrote to Hippo after having my car for a few weeks now. I wouldn’t have leased had I not have dealt with such a considerate company who didn’t just expect me to know exactly what I was looking for, or know anything about car leasing when I called.

Thank you Hippo, me and Sue will be driving into the sunset soon, and hopefully with my new flash car, a Brad Pitt will definitely be joining us too!

If you’re in the same position as Julie, our brand New Hand Held Service is now available. (Completely inspired by this lovely lady!) Simply give us a call on 01254 956666, fill in this form and we’ll get straight back to you with options, or head to the website to browse the deals and message us on instant chat.

Step 1. Let us know what you are looking for / ask any questions

Step 2. Pick your car - we have access to over 9000 live deals

Step 3. Apply, sign, and we will do the rest

Step 4. Wait for your new purchase to arrive (Nationwide Delivery)

What’s more, enjoy 2 x VIP tickets to watch the Strictly Come Dancing Tour In Manchester this month, if you choose Hippo. Limited time only!

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