How To Avoid Distractions In The Car?

Last Updated: 21st Sep 2017
How To Avoid Distractions In The Car?

15th May 2017

We are all aware that cars are dangerous. They are weapons that can kill without intention. Driving a car whilst distracted increases the chance of an accident and someone being killed. You should avoid being distracted behind the wheel at all costs and here are a few ways of avoiding that. 

The Government have recently introduced harsher sentences for those caught using a mobile phone whilst driving. There is further talk of others things being made illegal including eating and drinking whilst driving. Drinking alcohol and driving is already an offence. All of these things can lead to you being distracted and are therefore dangerous.

Store any loose items

When we are driving, the last thing we need is to have things rolling on the seat next to us or in the footwell. It causes noise and movement in the corners of our eyes, which takes our focus away from the road. It becomes dangerous when we reach over whilst driving to pick items up off the floor because they are distracting us to that point we aren’t focusing on the road at all.

Before you set off, pack away any loose items that may become a distraction whilst driving. Put bottles or cans into cupholders and place everything else in the boot or in the cubbies around the interior of your car. Just make sure no item can roll into sight whilst you are driving.

Keep those emotions away from the steering wheel

One of the most distracting things, when we are driving, is our minds. When we drive feeling angry or stressed or ill or generally emotional, we are a threat. Our emotions often get the better of us and driving is a bad place for that to occur. When we are angry, we often accelerate aggressively, change lanes suddenly without indicating, and we brake harshly without warning to other drivers. Driving whilst emotional makes us a threat.

If you do drive under the influence of negative emotions, then find a safe space to pull over and relax. Take deep breaths to slow your breathing and your heart rate. Just take as long as you need to take control and calm down. When you are calm, then you may start driving again.  

Don’t drive whilst drowsy

Lack of sleep can make you just as dangerous a driver as being drunk. In fact, they have similar effects on your concentration and reaction times. If you are feeling drowsy, pull over in a safe space, like a service station if on the motorway and catch up on some sleep. It is better than falling asleep at the wheel and the consequences that can follow.

sleepy driving

Don’t drink and drive

If you are drinking alcohol, just don’t drive. There are limits on the amount of alcohol you can drink before it is illegal for you to drive, however, the best choice is to just not drink and drive. Alcohol slows reaction time and hinders your focus, sometimes completely, meaning your observations are unreliable. By consuming any alcohol and driving, you are distracted and therefore a danger. Don’t do it.

The legal limit of alcohol in the body is:

  • 35 micrograms (µg) per 100 millilitres of breath
  • 80 milligrammes (mg) per 100 millilitres of blood
  • 107 milligrammes per 100 millilitres of urine

 Breathalyzer test

It is estimated that around 240 people die a year from drink driving incidents. It can be an easy thing to avoid.[1]

Don’t use your mobile

It has been illegal for over thirteen years, since December 2003, to use your phone whilst driving. Since March of this year, those sentences have become harsher. You are twice as likely to cause a car accident if you are texting as you are when you drink and drive. That is right. Using your mobile whilst driving makes you twice as dangerous as a drunk driver[2].

Mobile use whilst driving is illegal

This is why the Government have strengthened the sentences surrounding the use of phones whilst driving. If you are caught using your mobile whilst driving, you will be fined £200 and could receive up to six points on your licence (which means you can lose your licence if the points are collected within your first two years after passing your test). It isn’t worth it. Use a hands-free set or Bluetooth through your car and keep your hands free and your eyes focused on the road. Or you can choose to ignore your phone completely for the length of time you are driving.

Being focused saves lives

Ensuring you are fully focused for the entire journey is essential. You will avoid accidents by ensuring nothing can distract you and that your mind is in the best possible shape to drive. A car is dangerous, but a car driven by a focused, responsible driver is the least of a threat.

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