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Is Your Job Title Costing You More Money On Your Car Insurance?

Last Updated: 12th Jul 2017
Is Your Job Title Costing You More Money On Your Car Insurance?

12th July 2017

You may not be aware of this, but your job can affect how much you end up paying for your car insurance. Different jobs affect your premiums differently. This is because insurers over the years have built up a trove of knowledge of how people in different professions behave when driving. This means that insurers can make generalisations about the profession because they believe your professions speaks volumes about you as a driver.

There are jobs that are considered “racier” than other and it is those jobs that receive the higher premiums than those other jobs. These are the professions which are the least expensive and most expensive in terms of insurance premiums.

Least expensive professions

  • Nurse
  • Guest house proprietor
  • Reflexologist
  • Distillery worker
  • Coastguard
  • Bursar
  • Magistrate
  • School-crossing warden (lollipop man/woman)
  • Headteacher

Most expensive professions

  • Motor racing driver
  • Footballer
  • Other sportsmen
  • Funfair employees
  • Canvasser
  • Scrap dealer
  • Exotic dancer
  • DJ
  • TV presenter
  • Student and apprentice (the assumption of youth)

The reason your job is taken into account is that insurers want to know whether you travel regularly as part of your job or what equipment you might happen to carry. It doesn’t matter what the facts are, it is the assumptions that the insurers are interested in because they deal with thousands of people in the same profession and they can’t treat each person individually. No matter how much we would appreciate them doing so.

Student drivers with insurance

Most accident-prone professions in the UK

Some professions are more accident prone than others and this affects the insurance costs for everyone in that profession. General Practitioners (GPs) are twice as likely to make at least one insurance claim in comparison to the national average of all other professions (12.71%). In a recent study, it was found that 28% of GPs have made a car insurance claim.

In fact, nine out of ten most accident-prone professions are medically related, except for being a nurse which is one of the lowest. This is deemed to be because healthcare is a highly stressful occupation and stress has a major effect on a person’s health and cognitive functions, leaving them open to more accidents.

In terms of having lower than average insurance claims, only 3.95% of car dealers have made a claim. Other professions such as couriers, van drivers, painters and plasterers have made lower claims than the national average.

If you don’t work

For those of you who don’t work for a variety of reasons, the price of your insurance depends on the reason. If you are retired, it is expected your insurance price will be lower because insurers judge you to be experienced drivers and therefore less likely to get into a crash.

However, if you are unemployed, you are an undefinable quantity to car insurers and therefore will face a higher insurance price. This is because the insurers have no profession to judge off and therefore to cover themselves, raise the price of the insurance.

Describing your job

The truth is that you can get lower insurance prices by how you describe your job. Always be honest and as accurate as necessary. But those times you overegged your job to impress others should not apply when applying for insurance. For example, a cook in a café will have a different price to a chef in a restaurant and a writer will have a different price to a copywriter.

If you boost your profession higher than it actually is in order to impress your insurer, it could result in you paying a higher price for insurance. It is best to be as honest and accurate as you are required.

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