Love Island 2017: Which Car Did Fake Millionaire Jonny Drive?

Last Updated: 24th Jul 2017
Love Island 2017: Which Car Did Fake Millionaire Jonny Drive?

24th July 2017

As Love Island 2017 concludes tonight, we are looking back at one of the many scandals that occurred this fun-packed series. Jonny Mitchell, who sacrificed himself for Tyla to stay in the villa, with the vain hope they may reunite on the outside, only for her to move onto another Islander less than 48 hours later.

Jonny’s Instagram account portrays a lavish life of luxury with a millionaire lifestyle. However, there are accusations that it is a fake portrayal and the car he professes to love so much on his account is, in fact, his Dad’s!

We were curious about which car Jonny’s Dad owns and it is a white Mercedes E63 AMG.

So what is an E63 AMG

The usual E-Class is calm and classy. Mercedes didn’t want that image for the E63, so they transformed it into an AMG monster. AMG has given the E63 swollen wheel arches, vast air intakes and a menacing body.


Reunited with my baby ❤️ leaving her again on tuesday 😭😭 #Mercedes #E63AMG

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The best part of the E63 AMG

AMG are famous for their engines and the Mitchells made a good choice with this car. Under the bonnet is a body shaking 4.0-litre V8, producing a whopping 604 bhp. It is the most powerful E63 model available out there.

Jonny is the kind of guy who enjoys the sprinting speed of his Dad’s car because this model accelerates from 0-60 mph in 3.5 seconds! This is down to the combination of the V8 engine and the four-wheel drive system. It does also have an electronically limited top speed of 155 mph.

Inside the E63’s cabin

AMG is the development team within Mercedes that focus on creating driver focused cars and that is exactly what the E63 AMG is, which is probably why Jonny liked it enough to claim it was his (let’s be honest, who wouldn’t).

In the normal E-Class, you will experience supple leather and wooden interior across all surfaces. However, in the E63 AMG, you find a more menacing black trim with polished steel, carbon fibre and a minimalistic dashboard design.

The E63 has two 12.3-inch displays on the dashboard. One behind the steering wheel and one in the centre console. One can be used to display the instrument binnacle in either Classic, Sport and Eco mode, whilst the centre screen houses the infotainment systems. You can use either screen as a sat-nav also.

In terms of space, Jonny and his Dad won’t be short of any. You can carry four adults with ease and a fifth on the middle seat at a push. The driver has a fully adjustable seat and steering wheel and the seats themselves are sculpted leather seats that support you, whether you are cruising and sprinting.

The E63 is still a practical car with a boot capacity of 540-litres and there are plenty of cupholders, spacious door bins and a decent central storage area.

A father and son drive

The car is insane in a straight line, but if you want real fun in it, which we imagine is the reason Jonny’s Dad bought it, you have to take it into some corners. Twisting country roads are amazing fun in this car.

This car keeps itself on the road no matter what, thanks to the barrage of electronics hidden in the background. You will never notice them working, but they allow you to hit a corner hard and come out the other side happy as larry. This is down to both the four-wheel drive system and the accurate and responsive steering.

In terms of performance, you will never have any regrets with this car. None at all.

If you are interested in taking tips from Jonny’s Dad, get yourself one of these.

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