More Signs You Are A Terrible Driver

Last Updated: 10th Jul 2017
More Signs You Are A Terrible Driver

10th July 2017

Recently, we talked about what makes you an awful driver. Some of you may have noticed similarities. Most of you will not. However, there are more signs available that could make you a terrible driver. We want everyone to improve their driving abilities. The better people drive, the safer the roads will be and the less likely cars will be damaged and lives ruined.

Learn to park

Parking is the bane of the lives of so many drivers. Or should we say bad parking?

There are so many occasions when you arrive at a car park that should fit plenty of cars and discover that two spaces are taken up by one car. Either someone in a prestige car has taken up two spaces and in some very extreme cases four spaces to avoid their car being damaged (they do get scratched somehow anyway) or someone parks so badly in one space that they end up blocking off the space next to them because of the bad angle they have taken.

Terrible parking

Learn to park properly so that everyone gets a fair space.

Taxi braking

We’ve all been sat on a taxi ride (who actually enjoys a taxi ride?) and suddenly we are thrown forward in our seat because the taxi driver has slammed on the brakes. Has an animal or person run out in front of the taxi forcing the driver to emergency stop with us in the back?

No, he’s just come to a halt and delivered us to our destination. It isn’t fun when a taxi driver does it to us, but do you do that in your own car?

Are you one of those drivers who brakes hard, putting a lot of pressure on the brakes, forcing the car to rock back on its suspension as you stop. It isn’t good for you, your passengers, your brakes or your suspension, so stop. Learn to brake smoothly so that you come to a steady stop… unless of course a child or animal does run out in front of your car then definitely slam those brakes on.

Stop stopping unnecessarily

This is for those who are unobservant. You stop all the time when it is unnecessary because you are too timid and scared something might happen, even when there is no reason to do it. This is extremely frustrating for the drivers behind you. They have to brake with you but look around in confusion because they can’t work out why you have stopped at all.

What is worse about this isn’t the wasting of their time, it is also a waste of brake pads and fuel from all the stopping and starting for everyone, including you. Only stop when necessary. If you are unsure about something, you can slow down until you are certain, but don’t stop.

Don’t ride the clutch – you are killing it

You shouldn’t ride the clutch. Unless you are changing gear, keep your foot off the clutch. If you keep your foot on the clutch constantly, you are wearing it out and eventually, the clutch will go. This will mean you will need to replace your prematurely worn clutch and that costs money. A substantial amount of money.

If you are stuck in heavy traffic, don’t move every time the car in front moves by riding the clutch. Wait patiently and when space grows large enough, set off so you can actually get into first gear for a small distance.

Don’t be distracted

Distracted texting on the phone whilst driving

Don’t get distracted when driving because it puts you and other drivers in danger. Don’t use your mobile. Don’t smoke. Don’t eat or drink. Don’t mess around with your touchscreen infotainment screen. Don’t change the radio constantly. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted when driving. Keep your eyes on the road and if you do need to do any of the actions mentioned, pull over in a safe place and do so.

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