The New Tesla Model 3 Is Launching This Friday!

Last Updated: 6th Jul 2017
The New Tesla Model 3 Is Launching This Friday!

6th July 2017

Tesla is launching their long awaited Model 3 this Friday (7th July). Elon Musk, founder and CEO of Tesla first announced the Model 3 back in March 2016 to the excitement of the auto industry. Musk recently confirmed the launch date via a tweet on Sunday, 2nd July.

The first 30 customers who have preordered their cars for a £1000 deposit will receive their Model 3s on 28th July. Production will increase up to 100 cars in August and will continue to grow. 1,500 Model 3s will be produced in September and by December 20,000 cars per months will be in production. So little time, so many cars. By next year, Tesla hopes to have increased production further and deliver on a yearly target of 500,000 cars.

The affordable Tesla

Tesla has a goal of making and selling affordable, quality electric cars that everyone can buy. They are progressing to that goal at a steady pace and the Model 3 is one step closer to that goal. In America, the Tesla Model 3 is on sale for $35,000, its cheapest model so far.

When it ships to the UK, it is expected to cost between £30,000-35,000 realistically. This will allow more people to purchase and lease the Model 3 when it reaches our shores sometime next year. The current release date is primarily for the USA.

Whilst the Tesla Model S you will likely have seen driving around our roads is the full-electric comparison of a Mercedes S-Class, the Model 3 is closer to a Ford Focus in terms of size and affordability.

Despite its affordability, this car is expected to deliver a fantastic performance. It is predicted to accelerate from 0-60 mph in less than 6 seconds and has a quoted range of 215 miles on a full charge. It will come with five seats for all the family and comes with Tesla’s revolutionary Autopilot system as standard.

Preorders for the car hit 275,000 in the days following the original launch in March 2016 and have since topped 400,000. That will be a lot of happy customers when this car is launched on Friday. If this car is a success, it will be brilliant news for Tesla who are proving that you can make affordable and quality all-electric cars. This will likely speed up our conversion from fuel-powered cars over to all-electric cars in the coming years.

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