Our Top Convertible Cars For The Summer

Last Updated: 17th May 2017
Our Top Convertible Cars For The Summer

16th May 2017

Summer is close by, the sun is out more and our days are heating up. These are the perfect times to upgrade your car to a convertible. Convertibles offer you a chance to enjoy the sun and feel the fresh wind as you commute to work or go for a weekend drive. It also covers you well for if the weather turns bad (this is England after all) with the top fixing back into place in seconds with most modern convertibles.

Why you should consider a convertible

For those of you who have never driven a convertible, it may seem like a mystery as to why someone would own one. But that first time you drive one under the sun in summer, everything makes sense. You no longer have to worry about feeling cramped or hot in your encased shell. You are free with infinite headroom and nature’s air con blowing around you.

If you are a lover of feeling like you are driving fast, a convertible is great for you. The wind rush effect gives you a sense of you going faster than you most likely are or should be. You are also more exposed to the sounds outside, including the rumbling of your exhaust, the roar of the engine and the chirping of nature around you. You get the full experience with a convertible.

Hippo Leasing has a great collection of convertibles on offer for you to choose from. Your choice all depends on what you want from your convertible beyond the obvious and how you want to lease your car. Here are some of our top convertibles on offer.

Fiat 124 Spider

This car is set up to be the direct rival of the greatest affordable convertible on the market: the Mazda MX-5. Fiat wants this car to equal the Mazda and it’s been given a damn good shot.

The 124 Spider has the famous Fiat retro Italian curved on top of the Mazda chassis, which makes it both stable and beautiful all in one package. Under the bonnet, the 124 Spider has a turbocharged 1.4-litre petrol engine producing 138 bhp. It sprints from 0-60 mph in 7.5 seconds giving you a lot of space to play with. It also does well with the fuel economy of 44 mpg, which is good.

Inside the Fiat 124 Spider, there is plenty of legroom and headroom with the roof up. The dashboard is well built and the seats are incredibly comfortable. The boot space is obviously reduced because of the roof, so you get 140-litres of boot capacity available to you.

Audi TT Roadster

Entering the premium range is the Audi TT Roadster. This car has been through a few different updates and looks. Now it looks sharp, slick and ready to dominate the roads.

Audi knows their market and they know that people will want a variety of engines available to choose from. The TT Roadster comes with petrol and diesel engine options. The petrol models are both 2.0-litre four-cylinder engines. One produces 227 bhp and the other producing 306 bhp. The diesel engine is a 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine as well.

Audi is great at interiors and the one in the TT Roadster is exactly the same as the one in the TT Coupe. Everything in there is made from high-quality materials and put together brilliantly. The design is minimalistic in style to avoid you having too much clutter. Behind the steering wheel, there is a 12.3-inch display screen that allows you to switch between traditional readouts, sat nav and so on. There are no longer rear passenger seats as that is where the roof folds in. Instead, there is plenty of space for the folks up front in terms of legroom and headroom.

BMW 2 Series Convertible

Sticking with the premium theme, we have the BMW 2 Series Convertible. BMW are similar to Audi in that they are well-known for designing and building great cars. This is no different with the BMW 2 Series Convertible.

BMW are experts at making attractive cars and whether the roof is up or down, this car is a handsome brute. The interior is well put together with quality materials and the dashboard is logically designed to face the driver. It is also well equipped with either 6.5-inch or 8.8-inch infotainment screen for the iDrive system. It is a four seater car, but most of the space is reserved for those up front. With the roof up, the car has a boot capacity of 335-litres, but lower the roof and it reduces to 280-litres.

Under the bonnet, they have five engines on offer for the 2 Series Convertible. Four kinds of petrol and one diesel option. The petrol engines start with a three-cylinder turbocharged engine producing 136 bhp, which accelerates from 0-60 mph in 9.4 seconds. There are two variants with 2.0-litre turbocharged engines with one producing 184 bhp and the other producing 245 bhp. The diesel engine produces 190 bhp, a top speed of 140 mph and sprints from 0-60 mph in 7.5 seconds.

Considering a convertible?

With summer approaching, it would be a mistake to miss out on a convertible. If you get a hard top convertible, they are essentially the same as a normal car when it comes to those colder, wetter months, with the advantage of seeing everything in summer. Why not choose a car that can adapt to all seasons?

We have a massive collection of convertibles on offer for you. Those mentioned above are just some of what we have on offer. Personal car leasing has been rising in popularity in recent years and will soon eclipse all other ways of getting a car. If you want a convertible this year, car leasing is the way to go.  

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