Should You Invest In A Dash Cam?

Last Updated: 20th Jun 2017
Should You Invest In A Dash Cam?

16th June 2017

We have all heard the stories. Some of us have even experienced it and told the stories ourselves. We’re talking about the times when there have been accidents and we don’t know who has done it. The most common place for this is the dreaded car parks. They have parked up, left their car and come back some time later and found their car damaged without any clue who or what has caused it.

This goes the same for when driving and an accident occurs. You are certain it isn’t your fault, but the other drivers involved aren’t as convinced. Arguments and battles ensue over who is responsible.

A dashcam can help with both of these events. There is nothing more conclusive than video evidence and that is precisely what a dash cam delivers.

All you need to do is attach the dash cam to your front windscreen and/or rear-view mirror and it will video everything around you as you drive. Some dash cams can record whilst stationary, so if something does occur when you have parked your car and left it, the dash cam will pick that up as well. Investing in a dash cam for these purposes can save you much more money in the long term, especially in terms of repair costs, insurance premiums and so on.

Dash cam for fun

Dash cams don’t jut have to be used for ensuring you don’t get done over in the event of an accident. The best use for a dashcam is recording your adventures. Nothing in life is worth more than your memories and a dashcam records them in a digital format.

If you go on a road trip for your summer holiday, use your dash cam to record every moment of it on the road. As anyone who has been on a road trip will tell you, there is always an interesting moment when driving on the road. Instead of you simply telling the story when you return home, you can show them the video of the event.

So, should you invest in a dash cam? Yes.

How do dash cams work?

Many people confuse GoPro cameras with dash cams, however, a dash cam is a far smarter camera. A GoPro will allow you to video your whole journey as one long file, but then you have the issue of running out of space. Dash cams work differently. They split the video into smaller chunks (1-3 minute files) and when the memory card is full, it deletes the oldest file to ensure the camera is always recording.

But the most important feature on a dashcam is how it saves the most important files and protects them from deletion. It decides which files to protect either through the driver pressing a button manually to do it or automatically through a detection in a sudden change in speed as a result of an accident or emergency stop.

You can delete the files yourself and you can upload the files onto your computer or hard drive. You can create your own video out of files when you have uploaded them to your computer and to relive the journey or provide evidence.

Where to mount it?

Your dash cam must not intrude more than 40mm into the swept area of your windscreen wiper blades. It must also not be mounted directly above the area of the steering wheel. If your dash cam has a built in screen, it must not be playing when you drive. You can either turn it off manually or it should turn off automatically after a few seconds. It is illegal for drivers to be able to view video-playing devices whilst driving, therefore the dash cam screen should not be on.

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