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The Car To Own In A Bio-Weapon Attack Is…

Last Updated: 16th May 2017
The Car To Own In A Bio-Weapon Attack Is…

16th May 2017

Tesla is one of the most forward-thinking car manufacturers in the World. They don’t just think of the general requirements for a car. They try and find bolder ways to make their cars stand out from the rest of the pack.

This is why in the Tesla Model S, the company has included a bio-weapon defence mode. The Model S features a medical grade HEPA air filtration system that removes at least 99.97% of particulate exhaust pollution and removes all allergens, bacteria and containments from the cabin. Basically, the car places you in a bubble to protect you from a bio-weapon attack. How cool is that!

What else does Tesla offer?

Tesla is on a mission. They want to accelerate our transition to sustainable energy and that means making premium electric cars affordable and practical They are succeeding and the Model S is one step closer to that goal. In fact, it is very close. Top Gear has rated it 9/10 and Carwow gives it an 8.3 rating. It is a quality product worth considering if you want to move to electric, which with the change in vehicle tax and other taxes on fuel and emissions in the UK means it is well worth considering making the switch. Also, it protects you in a bio-attack, remember.

What powers the Model S?

As an electric vehicle, it has no engine. Instead, it is powered by electric motors on the rear wheels on the base model. You can upgrade to a Dual Motor system that places an electric motor on both the front and rear wheel, offering you the electric version of the four-wheel drive.

If you go for the top sports version of the Model S, the P100D, you get a rear high-performance motor on the rear wheels and a motor on the front in the form of All-Wheel Drive Dual Motor system. This allows you to sprint from 0-60 mph in 2.5 seconds, making it one of the quickest cars in production. It doesn’t have a gearbox in the conventional sense, but you do get instant power delivery.

Electric cars do often have an issue with range, however, Tesla has been focusing on that issue. On a full charge, you will get close to 340 miles from the battery pack. However, reviewers say that travelling on the motorway at 70 mph does reduce that range down to 300 miles on a full charge. That is to be expected, however, as the range of a fuel car also varies depending upon speed and driving style.

Tesla actually has a feature on their website that lets you see the range each model will have depending on the type of wheels you have on the car, the temperature outside and the speed you are travelling.

Safe inside

Tesla’s bio-weapon defence mode that keeps you safe inside the car has already been mentioned. But how does the rest of the interior stack up?

On many electric cars in the past, the interior has been shrunk because of the space required for the battery packs. However, Tesla has solved this issue by arranging their batteries in a large flat slab on the underneath of the car. This leaves plenty of space inside.

The Model S has one prominent feature in the interior that you will notice as soon as you climb into the car. In the middle of the console is a 17-inch touchscreen display, which basically controls everything in the car. It is easy to use and reduces the number of buttons that litter the dashboard of other cars. The seats are also incredibly comfortable and there is plenty of legroom and headroom for six-foot tall adults. This car truly is a great place to be.

In regards to luggage space, the big positive with the Model S not having an engine is that you get two storage areas. With a combination of the boot and the front storage area, you get a capacity of 1,795-litres, which is better than most cars.

Driving the Tesla Model S

Tesla has ensured this car is like no other on the market. It doesn’t have a start button or a handbrake. You start a Tesla by placing your foot on the brake and moving the transmission stalk into Drive mode and drive away.

The Model S is a smooth drive that feels more effective with either the Dual motors or the All-Wheel Drive High-Performance Dual Motors than they do on the single motor. The handling is great, although it occasionally feels heavy in the corners (the car does weigh over two tonnes),but overall it is fantastic.

Tesla is moving the technology of electric cars forward at an impressive pace. Tesla vehicles are increasingly coming into the car leasing market and will soon be available to lease at Hippo Leasing if you are interested in switching from fuel-powered cars to electric cars.

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