The Signs You Are An Appalling Driver

Last Updated: 7th Jul 2017
The Signs You Are An Appalling Driver

7th July 2017

Do you think you are a good driver?

Many of us say yes to that. We are human. We like to think we are great drivers, but truth is that many of us are not. We really aren’t good drivers and those honking horns in our direction can be deserved. The problem is that many of us aren’t self-aware enough to realise that we are bad drivers and likely need improvements.

This is where this blog comes in. We want to help. We have a few bad drivers on our team (AKA me) and realising how bad a driver you are helps you to improve and reduce those blaring horns. Here are some of the signs that you are a terrible driver without even knowing it.


This is, in fact, illegal on the motorway, but it is difficult to enforce. The point still stands regardless of where you are. Get away from the car in front because it won’t be them having to fork out for the repairs when they suddenly brake. It will be you.

Tailgating is obnoxious, dangerous and no one likes seeing another car inches from their rear bumper. In the dry, it is the two-second rule and in the wet, it is a four-second rule. In the ice, it is even further back. The best distance to keep to be sure is a three-second gap in the dry and double it when it gets wet.

Safety distance of cars apart

If the driver in front of you is going slower than you would like, overtake them when it is safe to do so because tailgating isn’t going to make them move any quicker. It will just annoy them and make you look bad.

Never indicating!

Indicating is simple. The indicator stick is right behind the steering wheel, in easy reach of your hand, thereby being a simple action to flick it up or down. The point of the indicator is to inform the drivers around you of your intentions. They are not mind readers and by not indicating, you are risking an accident.

On the motorway, indicating is essential. This is the fastest road anyone can drive on and switching lanes without any indication is more than likely going to cause a serious accident. People will die. It is that serious.

When it comes to a corner where a pedestrian is looking to cross and you don’t indicate, they will go because they assume you will continue straight on. Imagine their surprise and horror when you turn into the road and hit them because you didn’t indicate your intention to turn into that road. If you don’t indicate, people will die.

Driving way too slowly

We have speeding limits in this country. Roads where you can only hit certain speeds before you are driving too fast illegally. However, we don’t have minimum speed limits, which means you can drive 20 mph in a national speed limit zone.

However, whilst you can do that, you shouldn’t. By doing so you are impeding the flow of traffic by creating a rolling roadblock. Drivers behind becoming more frustrated and jockeying for position can lead to an accident occurring. You are not as culpable as those who tailgate or fail to indicate, but that doesn’t mean you are not responsible in some way by driving slower than is by far necessary.

Driving way too fast

Speeding is illegal. As mentioned we have speed limits and they must be obeyed. There are two forms of speeding, both are dangerous. First, there is the legal one where you drive faster than the set limit and the second is doing that and continually speeding way past a speed you can handle.

For example, you can possibly handle driving 80 mph (which you shouldn’t know because that would have meant breaking the law),but you can’t handle 100 mph (again, unless you go on a race track, you will not know this) and yet decide to drive at 100 mph. You are a serious danger.

The majority of fatal accidents occur at high speeds, so the higher the speed the more likely you are to be in a fatal accident. Follow the law and your skill level and drive at the correct speed. Speeding puts you and others in lethal danger.

Pulling out unnecessarily

Patience is a virtue we must all aspire to. This means that you should not leap into any open space you see when it comes to pulling out. That space may not be big enough and could result in an oncoming vehicle either to slam on their brakes, which is not comfortable for them or the traffic following them, or they could plough right into the side of you.

It wouldn’t be their fault either way. It would be yours. If it is busy, indicate your intent and wait for a safe opening. No not just push out in the vague hope it might work. Another driver may let you out or a safe space will eventually appear. Just wait.

Being a better driver

Being a better driver is about being more aware of what is happening around you. It is about acknowledging there are other drivers on the road and to understand that it is a shared environment. That means that every move you make affects those drivers around you. To be a better driver, you have to care about those drivers because accidents affect both you and them.

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