We Could All Be Driving In Tunnels If Elon Musk Has His Way

Last Updated: 20th Jul 2017
We Could All Be Driving In Tunnels If Elon Musk Has His Way

20th July 2017

You will know Elon Musk as the visionary CEO behind the success of Tesla. He wants to move the human race from dependency on fuel-powered cars to full-electric cars like his Tesla. That is why he is aiming to build more affordable electric cars. He now has another place, is designed to reduce traffic and speed up our commutes.

The Boring Company was officially founded in 2016 with the aim of developing fast tunnels under cities. In the company’s manifesto, they said: “To solve the problem of soul-destroying traffic, roads must go 3D, which means either flying cars or tunnels. Unlike flying cars, tunnels are weatherproof, out of sight and won't fall on your head.”

The Boring Company

Tunnels are the aim

The aim of the Boring Company is to bore underneath major cities and build tunnels that will be used to speed up transport. This will be done through a combination of tunnels and electric-powered skate that can hit a speed of up 124 mph. The company understands that it will take more than a decade to fully build the first tunnel network.

They released a video showing their plans for the future tunnel systems. The car will drive onto skate at ground level. The sledges will be lowered down into the tunnel. The skate will travel at 124 mph until it reaches its destination and raise back up to ground level where the car drives off and another car can drive on.

For the duration of the journey, the car is using no fuel. This means drivers will be able to reach their locations faster, it will reduce traffic congestion in major cities and it will reduce carbon emissions because no fuel is being burnt in the engine. Also, the driver is saving money on fuel bills because they will use less fuel on their journeys.

But why tunnels?

In most futurist fiction whether it be literature, television or films, we commute in flying cars. But as the Boring Company’s manifesto pointed out, there is one serious flaw to the plan for flying cars. They can fall out of the sky onto our heads. This is not an outcome anyone wants.

Tunnels don’t have that issue. In fact, according to The Boring Company, tunnels have plenty of positives. Here are just a few of the benefits of building tunnels rather than flying cars:

  • There is no limit to how many layers of tunnels can be built, so if a city expands, so can a number of tunnels.
  • Tunnels, being underground, are waterproof.
  • Tunnel construction is under the surface, therefore, being silent and not inconveniencing anyone like road works do.
  • Tunnels don’t divide communities up with roads and barriers.

Tunnels are expensive

The reason tunnel project like these are not in sight anytime soon is because it is incredibly expensive to dig tunnels. It is estimated that in some circumstances it can cost $1 billion to tunnel a single mile. The Boring Company like Tesla do with electric cars, aim to make tunnelling a more affordable prospect in the future.

The electric skate is a treat

The electric skate offers so much potential in terms of transportation through the tunnel network. The driver will have no control over it. It will be an entirely automated system, which means no human error and if something does occur, it has a swerve off-course ability.

The skates can carry a variety of different payloads including cars, goods and people. This offers you and others so much potential when it comes to what we can use skates for.

The future is looking bright with clear roads ahead and super fast tunnels below as long as the masses aren’t priced out (assuming the Boring Company want to make good on their investment).

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