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Welcome to Hippo Leasing’s Brand New Website

Last Updated: 9th Dec 2016
Welcome to Hippo Leasing’s Brand New Website

9th December 2016

Our new, sleeker, more modern design offers you a quicker way to find the car you want. Look around and you will likely find the car of your dreams with a great deal to go along with it.

On our homepage, we have 4 new tabs that answer some of your frequently asked questions. Burning questions like “What is car leasing?” are answered simply here.

In our news section, you will also find objective and authentic reviews of your favourite cars. If you are interested in getting a new car, check out whether we have a review on it. You could find a single review for a car or you could find a comparative review where we compare a car to a variety of its rivals. We also cover topics like new deals, campaigns as well as community and charity work, such as our road safety campaign.

Our new functions

Our new search bar is far more prominent and easier to use, making it very easy for you to search for your vehicle of choice. You can go from being as general as you like, simply looking through the saloon options for example. If you want to go more detailed, you can put in the manufacturer and model of your chosen car; whether you want it to be a manual or automatic; or maybe a petrol or diesel and how many doors you want.

New deals

With our new website comes a variety of fantastic new deals. These include the brilliant new cars we are getting every month. We also have great new deals from new providers and lenders for our already existing stock of cars, which enables you to get into a great car quicker than you thought.

If you have looked at us before and haven’t found a deal for you, then check our new website again and this time you may find the deal you have always wanted.

Communicating with you

With our new website, we also have a new system of contacting you in a much more efficient way. No matter if you have come to us through social media, Google or anywhere else, we aim to respond within 24 hours, mostly sooner. Simply set up an enquiry with us by giving us your contact details and we will get back to you in a quick and efficient time.

So welcome to our new Hippo Leasing website and we hope you enjoy your visit and that we can be of assistance to you.

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