What Do These Dashboard Lights Mean?

Last Updated: 30th May 2017
What Do These Dashboard Lights Mean?

18th May 2017

Our car dashboards are littered with buttons and lights that are meant to be helpful in the running and functions of the car. Some highlight general functions of a car and others show up unwelcomed when we have a serious problem on our hands. However, we don’t always know what some of the less regularly seen buttons and lights are for. Here is a guide to what some of those buttons and lights mean and what you should do if they appear.

These dashboard lights


Brake Pad Warning light

Brakes are one of the most important features on your car for the obvious reason that you need to have full control to stop when you need to. That means if this light flashes up on your dashboard, you have a serious problem on your hands. If this appears, you need to get your car checked right away.

ECU/Engine warning light

The other most important feature in your car is the computer system that runs your engine. When your engine warning light pops up, this means your engine has entered safe mode in order to protect itself. This light can pop up for a myriad of reasons including small technical faults or larger mechanical issues. Either way, if this light appears, again get your car checked immediately.

Power steering warning light

When the steering system fails and this light appears, you need to get it checked. You will know if this occurs because the light will pop up and the steering itself will become heavy and require more effort to change the direction of the car, particularly at slow speeds. The real danger is making quick changes at high speed, for example, changing lanes to avoid an obstacle.

There are many different lights that will appear on your dashboard and you are unlikely to know all of them. Hippo Leasing has a handy and complete infographic that allows you to identify which warning light matches which issue.

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