A Look At Crazy Celebrity Cars

Last Updated: 1st May 2018
A Look At Crazy Celebrity Cars

19th June 2014

After reading on MSN cars that dance music DJ and producer Deadmau5 has put his Ferrari 458 up for sale for a huge £200,000 we decided to have a look at other celebrity cars that have been spotted around the world.

The Purrari as its known is up for sale after covering just 6500 miles, mainly on a Gumball 3000 trip from Miami to Ibiza. Deadmau5 also promises to create a film called ‘Farewell Purrari’ with the lucky buyer as the exchange takes place over a coffee run.

The cars we’ve found aren’t the standard luxury and super cars you expect, Deadmau5’ Ferrari was completely covered as a shrine to Nyan Cat.

In case you’re unaware, Nyan Cat is a sensation started from a YouTube video that merged a Japanese pop song with an animated cartoon cat…with the body of a pop-tart.

Firstly, we had a look on Complex.com and saw this image of pop princess Katy Perry sat on the bonnet of her somewhat hideous gold semi-truck. A truck seems like a bizarre choiec of vehicle for anyone who doesn't require to move large loads on a daily basis and even more so for a petite popstar.

katy perry gold semi

The man who makes more headlines than pretty much any sports person on the planet and usually for the wrong reasons had to make an appearance. Mario Balotelli take a bow with this destruction of the Bentley. It's rumoured that when Balotelli left his home in the UK for the warmer climates of Italy following a move to AC Milan he gave friends permission to take whatever they fancied.


YMCMB as the group of young American rappers are known, including the likes of Drake, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj as well as slightly less well known, Tyga amongst others. Within the group of young and very rich artists they are well known for lyrically talking about their wealth and no more so do they like to flaunt their ‘investments’ over Social Media. Tyga has been known to be a frequent offender and his most recent addition was a rose gold Lamborghini Aventador and Mercedes Benz SLS, lovely.

Another somewhat Marmite addition to the YMCMB fleet is Nicki Minaj’ Pepto Bismal coloured Aventador (pictured above). Typically a young girls dream to own a pink super car but in real life it’s not so attractive to on lookers!

Lamborghini must be fairly tired of seeing their hard work trashed by celebrities who feel it necessary to undo the hard work they put in on in the spray booth. Anyway, Chris Brown had a go at bringing the child hood brand of funky Hot Wheels cars to life with his Gallardo. It is however strangely more appealing than the majority of the aforementioned!

chris brown

We’re fairly sure there are plenty more fairly unsightly car customisations from the world of wealth but for now we’ll leave you to mull over those above!

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