A Look At The City Car

Last Updated: 1st May 2018
A Look At The City Car

6th August 2014

The variety of different cars available for lease and to buy is increasing month on month and the city car is growing in popularity. Typically the city car is the perfect way to commute to work when you live in an urban area and are concerned about fuel consumption and swift parking without needing ample space.

In their masses the manufacturers have gone down the route of putting their stamp on a city car that takes into consideration all the benefits of a smaller vehicle whilst keeping the appearance and style the priority. We have taken a look at a few of the current market leading city cars:

Hyundai i10 Hatchback

Carbuyers have placed the very impressive Hyundai i10 hatchback at the top of the pile based on user reviews. The 1.2 Active comes with an impressive combined mpg of 61.4 which is great for getting around the city. You can also relax with the air conditioning in the summer heat should you be a regular in traffic jams. Other features include a CD player with mp3/iPod connectivity, electric mirrors and all round electric windows.

Citroen C1

The Citroen C1 has been face lifted in 2012 and again in 2014 but the favoured model is the 2012/13 for costs asCarbuyer lists the low price tag as a massive pro for the C1 as well as the minimal running costs and the fact it is fun to drive around the city.

Peugeot 107

A popular choice as a first car or commuting vehicle, the Peugeot 107 is a neat looking vehicle perfectly matched to the title of city car. The 107 Active’s are a modern derivative of the range and come with comfort features such as air con, electric front windows, power steering, cd player and security in the form of an immobiliser and central locking. The average miles per gallon stacks at a very handy 65.7 and a tank range of 506 miles, plenty to get backwards and forwards from work.

As you can expect with a small city car you will need to reconsider lugging round your bulky goods and the Peugeot 107 has a boot space of just 139 litres (facts taken from WhatCar?

Chevrolet Spark

The Chevrolet Spark is possibly the least glamorous of the city cars listed here but certainly packs a punch. The interior is comfortable and surprisingly spacious as well as offering a fantastic drive similarly to the rest of the city cars we have looked at.

The price to lease the car is incredibly reasonable and fits in with even the most stringent of budgets. Not only will you save a fortune on your monthly leasing costs you will also save on fuel costs with an ample 55.4mpg across the whole range (fact taken from Autocar).

The boot space in the 1.0+ is slightly larger than the Peugeot 107 at 170 litres so it has a little more space for your belongings.

FIAT 500

The FIAT 500 is a style icon. A fantastic looking vehicle that is instantly recognisable and one of the most desirable city cars on the road. HonestJohn has placed the Fiat 500 at the top of the city car tree in their countdown. The Fiat 500 is not your standard vehicle and much like the more popular toys when you were younger there is a huge range of personalisation options to get the vehicle looking even more perfect and individual.

The official MPG for the range varies between 48.7 and 76.3. You will also be looking at a tax band of up to E and between insurance groups 5-18. The monthly costs can vary on lease terms due to the huge amount of different models available and this will affect your insurance and tax, too.

Toyota Aygo

HonestJohn has placed the Toyota Aygo in the top 10 city cars and with great reason. A fantastic looking vehicle with the credentials to match the other city cars available.

The Aygo has been manufactured in Europe since 2005 and got the name from “i-go”, symbolising freedom and mobility, apparently. As with all the city cars you can rely on the Aygo for good fuel consumption at around 60mpg.

Your monthly costs for insurance and tax are also not going to set you back too much so it makes an ideal first car or cheap run around. You should also rest easy knowing that previously Warranty Direct rated the Aygo the fourth most reliable car of the past 15 years so the trend is likely to have continued.

toyota aygo

A variety of city cars are available all aiming to make your urban commute a comfortable one with the worry of expensive tail backs and stationery traffic stays none existent. Prices can vary from tiny monthly payments right up to the more prestigious types of city cars from manufacturers such as Aston Martin who have realised a gap in the market for those wanting to be seen in prestigious manufacturer vehicles but also need to commute easily around the city.

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