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A Look At The Volkswagen Range

Last Updated: 1st May 2018
A Look At The Volkswagen Range

27th May 2015

Volkswagen are renowned for the high quality of their cars, and there is no doubt that they have a stunning range of vehicles. They also make for some very reliable lease cars. We've picked out and reviewed a couple of our favourites from the range.

Volkswagen Beetle

Possibly one of the most iconic cars in their range, the beetle is hugely popular with its funky style and retro appeal. It’s obvious to see that it’s been crafted with the highest quality, from the groovy exterior through to the comfortable and stylish interior. It offers drivers good handling and a reasonable drive, even though steering is a little heavy and slow to react. On the plus side there’s a great range of engines to choose from. Inside the cabin you’ll find a decent amount of room up front for the driver, with lots of head and elbow space, although it gets a little cramped in the backseats. The boot is relatively small, so if you regularly carry lots of luggage, you may want to check out a larger car.

Volkswagen Golf Hatchback

The Golf is a wonderfully refined car, which is both incredibly comfortable and enjoyable to drive. A high-quality car, both inside and out, the Golf grips brilliantly in corners and has nicely precise steering. This means it performs well at absorbing any road imperfections. It won’t cost you much to run either, as the Golf is very fuel efficient. When it comes to the interior, although the style is a little dull, it’s still well built. The dashboard is simple to use, there’s plenty of room throughout for everyone, and there’s a decent amount of tech that comes as standard.

Volkswagen Polo Hatchback

Much like the Golf, the Polo also gives a very refined drive, but with a more upmarket and plush interior. What Car? even describes the Polo as being ‘one of the best small cars around’. The basic engine does feel a little slow, but there are a great range of engines to choose from. It’s quiet on the motorways and has pretty reasonable fuel economy, so it’s a great car for those long journeys. Inside the cabin everything is high quality, with a fantastic infotainment system to match. It’s also nicely spacious and stylish throughout. The only downside is that it’s not hugely exciting to drive. If you’re considering a Polo, it’ll be cheaper to lease than to buy outright.

Volkswagen Up

The Up is a funky looking city car with a very stylish vibe. It handles itself fantastically, especially within an urban environment, and would make for a great city car. Its small size means it does great on small, twisty roads and is a breeze to park. However, the engine does struggle a little bit on those longer journeys on the motorway, so you’ll get the best performance if you keep it to those shorter trips. As for the interior, it’s surprisingly spacious for such a small car. The boot is a little on the small size, but that’s to be expected. The entry level Up comes with basic kit, so you may want to upgrade. Overall it makes for a fantastic city car and a very cheap lease car option.

Volkswagen Touareg 4x4

The Touareg is a great option for drivers who are looking for more space, or families who need that extra bit of room for kids and luggage. It’s cheaper than most of its SUV rivals, and each version comes with a decent amount of kit and a great range of capable engines. Autoexpress describes the Touareg as a ‘capable off-roader’ which ‘doubles as a luxurious family car’. It’s incredibly stylish throughout too, from the classy exterior to its luxurious walnut and leather trim interior. Bear in mind that although it offers a highly fun and enjoyable ride, it’s not one of the most fuel-efficient SUVs available.

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