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Taking A Look At The Best PCP Deals

Last Updated: 19th Oct 2017
Taking A Look At The Best PCP Deals

18th October 2017

Autumn has officially hit, the scarves and gloves are out, winter is creeping in and dare we say it, Christmas is on its way. The days only get longer, leaving for work and arriving home from work become a blur as the nights get darker. Yes, of course we love winter and everything it brings with it, BUT if you’ve caught the winter blues early and feel like you need to treat yourself and prepare to deal with the frosty weather, then we’ve put together our most affordable and practical PCP car lease deals for you to browse.


2017 Infiniti Q50


Infiniti Q50 Diesel Saloon

You may not be overly familiar with the Infiniti name, as this is still fairly new to Britain. Infiniti is Nissan’s premium brand, with the same relationship that Lexus has to Toyota. This mid-sized, rear-drive saloon houses a turbocharged 2.2 litre diesel engine, which makes for a smooth ride, regardless of the engine reverberation that does reach the cabin.

The Infiniti Q50 interior boasts not just one, but two-colour touchscreens. One controlling the central infotainment system and the other controlling the Infiniti’s dynamic settings as well as running all apps, allowing you to set climate control, search the internet and access a range of the car’s comfort and convenience settings. It does take a while to master their operation, however splitting the use between two separate screens does make things slightly easier when using your sat-nav on the move.

Space is not an issue in the Q50, with a comfortable setting and enough leg room for passengers in the front and back. Infiniti claims a larger boot than many of its saloon rivals, with 500 litre capacity available for any extra luggage. Not all models come with the boot release on the boot itself, which can result in many pointless trips to the back of the car, without pressing the button next to the steering wheel to release this.

If this is the type of vehicle that you are interested in, but you are wondering if you can afford the deposit on this, then we do offer a large variety of no deposit lease deals available on a range of different makes and models.



Vauxhall Astra Hatchback.

 The Vauxhall Astra has remained a firm family favourite, when looking for a practical and reliable hatchback. Since it began selling back in 1979, the Astra has had a serious refresh, evolving in various areas. The turbocharged 1.6 litre petrol engine commands the road with ease, handling corners effortlessly and ensuing the smoothest of rides with swift acceleration.

As the Astra has evolved, the interior and finishes have continued to improve in both quality and style. The exterior features a neatly sculpted silhouette and the interior includes piano black plastics and high-grade leather to the steering wheel and seating. The onboard infotainment system features the latest in technology, with a seven-inch touchscreen for use with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, and OnStar navigation available to upgrade, which may be worth looking into as a valuable safety feature for the family.

If you are looking for additional space, the Astra offers a generous amount for five people, with enough comfortable leg room for any journey, and no need to graze elbows in the wide set cabin. The boot offers just 370 litre capacity which is spacious for a hatchback of this size, with the boot ‘floor’ presenting a ribbed grip to help prevent any of your luggage shifting around throughout the journey.


Vauxhall Corsa Hatchback

Another popular and practical choice from the Vauxhall family, and direct competitor with other popular supermini’s in the vehicle market. With a broad range of engines to choose from, the 1.2 litre petrol engine is an ideal choice for driver’s covering short distances. This is an extremely nippy and refined ride with ultra-responsive steering and plenty of grip when handling corners. The perfect choice for a first-time driver, or a small family looking for something to dart around town in. The entry level 1.2 litre engine boasts 16-inch alloy wheels with a softer suspension, resulting in some excess body lean over high speeds.

The overall design of the Vauxhall Corsa inside is simple, yet practical with more than enough space on offer, though the seats do not adjust a long way back, to improve comfort for anyone with longer legs. The central infotainment system works through a seven-inch touch screen which includes DAB radio, Bluetooth and USB, as well as working as an extension of your smartphone, with both Apple or Android. However, the screen can be slightly laggy in places and slow to respond to your touch.

A ‘City’ button is additional as standard on all Corsa models, and improves light steering to assist when parking in those tight spots.

High quality gloss finish trims and cushioned rests ensure the interior looks smart overall, with a higher class feel, better than many of the budget options in this class.

If you are unsure about how to secure a deal like this and have problems with poor credit, then take a look at the full range of PCP car deals that we have available on bad credit.



BMW 320D Saloon.

The 320D is the hottest compact executive saloon in its class, although it no longer dominates the market like it once did as rivals continue to up their game. However, the refreshed 3 Series does enough to keep at the top end of the scale. With a fuel economy of up to 74 mpg and acceleration of 0-62 mph in 7.6 seconds, this model powers down the road, handling corners and bends efficiently with ease. Although this car is longer, parking isn’t a problem with light steering to navigate your way into any space required.

The low bodyline and wide track give the 320D an athletic appearance, with the familiar BMW front grille and distinctive badge on view. The inside features a minimalist touch with wraparound dash, and large centre console screen. The build quality and finishes used, ensure the overall experience in the BMW 320D is premium at the very least.

Manoeuvring your way into and out of the 320D is easy, with plenty of room inside and bags of leg and headroom available too. The interior features a range of storage options should you need them, including wide door pockets, roomy glovebox and an additional compartment available under the central arm-rest. The boot offers 480 litre capacity, which can be increased when upgraded to the 40:20:40 split-fold rear seats.

Our vehicle picks on offer here are just a small selection of the PCP car deals that we have available online here. If you are looking for a practical family hatchback, a speedy saloon or something even bigger, then we can match you with that. Our dedicated account managers are on hand throughout the day to answer any questions that you might have about the car lease process. Enquire with us here for further information.

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