Best-Selling Cars by Continent: 2015

Last Updated: 1st May 2018
Best-Selling Cars by Continent: 2015

18th October 2016

The best-sellers are always best sellers for a reason. Whether they offer the comfort side of things or maybe even the practicality – the popularity of a car does vary from country to country. So does this mean that different countries prefer different features, or is it all down to where the manufacturers originate?

In the infographic below, it offers a visual representation of which country favourites which car the most. Frequently mentioned car manufacturers are Volkswagen, Honda and Toyota, with the exception of Ford being the best-selling car in the UK – mainly down to its cheap price. Car and vehicle leasing is available for each of these cars, whether you prefer the Japanese, German or British make.

With each car shown below, additional information is given, including the cars top speed, top BHP and even the length it takes the car the reach 60mph, with the Volkswagen Golf hitting a top speed of 155mph.

Start your leasing journey by finding the perfect lease car for you in the UK and get the choice of either swapping, owning or returning the chosen car after the contracted time period comes to an end.

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