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Car Leasing Infographic

Last Updated: 1st May 2018
Car Leasing Infographic

17th July 2015

With car leasing becoming incredibly popular in recent years, we decided to have a look at what has made it so popular, and even created a useful and fact-filled infographic. This is filled with some great facts about leasing, the most popular cars, and some facts about our company’s success.

- Did you know leasing originally started in America? It slowly gained popularity, and has now moved to Europe where it has become even more popular still. In the USA alone, one quarter of cars are leased, and over 74% of car buyers have used finance products to help get them into a car.

- You don’t have to worry about depreciation when you lease a car. As you know, the moment you buy a car, it immediately starts to lose value. However this doesn’t happen with a lease. At the end of your lease term, you can simply hand the car back, or even hand it back and trade it in with another. When you buy a car outright however, you’ll have the issue of dealing with losing value on your car.

- Leasing is generally also much cheaper than buying a car outright, and payments can be anywhere from 30-60% cheaper. We also offer cars from £69 per month and all our payments are paid in fixed monthly instalments to keep it nice and simple. We also found out that over 75% of ‘luxury’ branded vehicles are leased because they are more affordable!

- Used car leasing is incredibly flexible, and more than 4/5 people with PCP (Personal Contract Purchase) plans swap their car during their plan. There are also thousands of cars to choose from, and you can choose however many miles you want to do in a year (although 10,000 seems to be the average for most leases). Another great flexibility is that car leasing with bad credit is an option, as we can help people with all kinds of credit history. Also you can choose not to pay a deposit either!

- According to our research, some of the most popular cars leased in 2014 were the Ford Fiesta, Ford Focus and Vauxhall Corsa. Of course we’re determined to help everyone find their perfect car, so if you can’t find the car you’re looking for, we can help source it for you.

As you can see, Hippo Motor Group has been incredibly successful over the past year, with 1792 cars leased in 2014 alone; and we’re pleased to say we have a car lease projection of 3300 for 2015!

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