Car Trips With Pets This Summer

Last Updated: 1st May 2018
Car Trips With Pets This Summer

11th August 2015

With summer finally here, people will be flocking across the county for their holidays, and many of them will choose to take their pets with them. If you don’t fancy leaving your pets with friends or putting them in expensive kennels, then taking them along is a great idea and great fun for the family. So to make your summer trip even more memorable, have a look at our guide to making travelling with pets stress-free!

Prep Your Car

A crucial part of your journey before you even leave, is to make sure that your car is running smoothly. There would be nothing worse than breaking down on the motorway in the hot sun with an annoyed pet in the back! Whether you’re in a contract hire car, a car you've had for years, or a brand new one, make sure that it’s completely prepared for you trip. For longer trips, bigger cars with more boot space are the most ideal. If you regularly take trips with your pets and want a better car for vacationing, why not check out some of our best car lease deals and find yourself a roomier car.

Check-up Time

Just like getting your car checked up, make sure to take your pets to the vet to make sure they don’t have any underlying illnesses which will make them unfit to travel. It’s also advised against travelling if your pet is pregnant.

Plan The Route

It’s a good idea to carefully plan your route, taking into account how long the trip is and how many breaks you’ll need. Both you and your pet will need the chance to stretch your legs, especially if you’re driving a small car with not a lot of legroom!

Cool Car Accessories

There are loads of car accessories available to you that will make your journey much more enjoyable. If you haven’t purchased a suitable container for small pets, or you don’t have enough room in the boot, then you can always invest in a pet car hammock. If you have a large enough car boot to accommodate your pet, make sure to fill it with blankets to make it more comfortable, and a few toys too (just not anything squeaky, or your car journey will be very noisy!)


There’s always a chance your pet could get motion sick during the trip, so it’s best to make them travel on a slightly empty stomach, and feed them a few hours before you’re due to set off.

Pet Passport

As well as travelling with all your usual car documents and licence, you’ll have to bring along your pet passport if you’re planning on leaving the country.

Summer Breeze

It can get pretty hot in the car during summer, and you don’t want your pet to overheat. However, rolling down the window can cause problems, especially at high speeds, where there’s a risk of dirt and debris getting into their eyes. Instead, roll down the windows slightly or put the air conditioning.

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