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Which Countries Diplomats Owe The UK The Most From Unpaid Parking Fines & Congestion Charges?

        • Diplomats from The United States are the worst offenders, with unpaid debts of £11,929,685 
        • The Central African Republic, New Zealand and Paraguay owe £0 

    A new interactive map created by Hippo Leasing reveals which foreign diplomats owe the most (and least) in motoring fines according to exclusive figures* obtained from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO).

    Foreign diplomats owe over £111 million in unpaid motoring fines, with the Congestion Charge accounting for a staggering £109,989,245.

    To put this figure into context, the total net income from the Congestion Charge was £155.9 million in 2017/18. This equates to a huge amount of lost revenue for TfL which, by law, would have been re-invested in London transport networks in line with the Mayor’s Transport Strategy.

    When it comes to diplomats not paying their motoring fines, the American Embassy is by far the worst, owing almost £12 million. Most of this debt comes from unpaid Congestion Charge fees; £11,925,920 in fact.

    Other bad offenders include Japan, Nigeria, Russia and India who have all accrued debts of over £5 million. The High Commission for the Federal Republic of Nigeria owes the highest amount in unpaid parking fines, totaling an incredible £272,740:

    CountryCongestion Charge owed (£)Parking Fines owed (£)Total owed


    United States (American Embassy)11,925,9203,76511,929,685
    Japan (Embassy of Japan)8,021,1902,1958,023,385
    Nigeria (High Commission for the Federal Republic of Nigeria)6,724,405272,7406,997,145
    Russia (Embassy of the Russian Federation)5,653,9558,9525,662,907
    India (Office of the High Commissioner for India)5,394,5805,4905,400,070
    China (Embassy of the People’s Republic of China)4,337,2956,7154,344,010
    Germany (Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany)4,288,6805,7904,294,470
    Poland (Embassy of the Republic of Poland)4,065,2502,6554,067,905
    Ghana (High Commission for the Republic of Ghana)3,655,6957,1803,662,875
    Sudan (Embassy of the Republic of the Sudan)3,160,73048,8243,209,554

    Under the controversial 1961 Vienna Convention, diplomats are immune from prosecution in their host country. This means they legally don’t have to pay motoring fines.

    However, that doesn’t mean diplomats can’t pay them. Some nations, out of good will, consistently pay off their motoring fines despite benefitting from diplomatic immunity.

    According to the FCO data, diplomats of three UK embassies (Central African Republic, New Zealand and Paraguay) owe absolutely nothing, having consistently settled their accrued debts over the years:

    CountryCongestion Charge owed (£)Parking Fines owed (£)Total owed (£)
    Central African Republic (Embassy of the Central African Republic)000
    New Zealand (New Zealand High Commission)000
    Paraguay (Embassy of the Republic of Paraguay)000
    Peru (Embassy of Peru)04040
    Montenegro (Embassy of Montenegro)06565
    Netherlands (Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands)06565
    Venezuela (Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela)06565
    Costa Rica (Embassy of Costa Rica)0130130
    Nepal (Embassy of Nepal)0130130
    Norway (Royal Norwegian Embassy)0130130

    Tom Preston, Managing Director of Hippo Leasing commented on the findings:

    “While some argue diplomatic immunity is an outdated principle and open to exploitation, foreign officials remain under no legal obligation to pay their motoring fines.

    “Total debts are only set to increase following the introduction of the Ultra-Low Emission Zone in April, designed to cut traffic further and help clean up the dangerously polluted air in London. As well as looking at the economic impact of foreign diplomats driving in the Capital, it’s important to consider the environmental and public health costs too.”

    The full data, including how much other foreign embassies, high commissions and consulates owe, can be viewed on an interactive map here.

    Notes to editors

    *Total Congestion Charge and Parking Fine debt accrued and outstanding as at 31 December 2017 based on records held by London local authorities and Transport for London (TfL). Data is the latest available and was provided under the Freedom of Information Act by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office on 8 May 2019. Data for 2018 is expected by the end of 2019.


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